The constant accumulation of fats on different parts of your body can add more unwanted weight fast. Many people will have it on their belly while others carry more fat on their upper limbs. Fats can also accumulate on some areas of the thighs that will result to a pear shaped body. This happens when the upper half appears leaner compared to the lower half due to the bulkiness and wideness of anyone's thighs.
For dieters struggling to lose weight in the thigh area, it can be challenging. If there is much fat that will be deposited in your thighs, they become bigger and can rub together both legs and things when you walk that may place you in an uneasy situation. An exercise routine for at least thirty to forty minutes a day is advisable. In order to lose weight in your thighs, try to follow some of the suggestions below and you will also lose overall weight in your body.
In women, fat will be stored in some parts of the body such as stomach, hips, thighs, hands etc.
It will not look good with increased fat in certain areas of your body.
In order to avoid this problem, you should perform some types of exercises to burn the fat in certain areas.
How to reduce thighs? Inner thigh exercises will be performed to reduce the fat present in your inner thigh area. You will feel uncomfortable for wearing the latest fashions with your fat thighs. To avoid this type of situation, you should go for inner thigh exercises which will reduce the fat present in your thighs.Inner Thigh Exercises.
The inner thigh muscles tend to be overlooked when it comes to stretching. Many people fail to realize that most common leg stretches do not target these muscles. Sports medicine professionals often advise athletes to regularly stretch and work the inner thigh region to prevent injury. These five inner thigh stretches are very effective and easy to do for beginner and intermediate levels. They are static stretches and should be held for a minimum of 20 seconds each.
Amazing Lose Weight in Your Inner Thighs Effectively   

Things You May Need:
Exercise bike
Jumping rope
Hamstring machine
  • Always watch the amount of food that you eat including its calories. Eat more protein and fiber because they keep your body healthy and lean. Protein provides more energy so that you can keep up with your exercise regimen.
  • Eating a healthy diet that is high in fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and other foods low in sugar will aid you to achieve your weight target. This is a proven and effective way to solve weight problems especially if you combine healthy diet and exercise continuously each day.
  • Undergo aerobic exercises that can trim your thighs and your whole body like riding an exercise bike, jogging, swimming or brisk walking. Brisk walking early in the morning is an effective way of losing weight from your thighs.
  • Stand up for a few minutes and sit down again, then do this back and forth when using an exercise bike. Use the pedal a bit faster than you normally do if you're already used to it. As much as possible, try to jog four up to five times a week so that you can strengthen and build more muscles on your thighs instead of fats.
  • Start to jog through a slow relaxing pace for about one minute then change it by doing a brisk walk so that you can keep up with your strength to jog back again. Perform this exercise regimen for fifteen to twenty minutes, four up to five times a week so that you can see positive results. Try paddling your legs more and more as you go over with your strokes while swimming to make your thighs leaner and stronger.
  • Jump rope two to three times a week. Begin by turning the rope forward and change its direction back and forth when you jump using your legs once you're comfortable enough with the cord. Try to keep the impact low first as you jump, by slightly bending your knees. This will keep your back straight when doing the entire exercise routine.
  • You could strengthen the muscles of your thighs more using the jump rope by jumping both legs at the same time instead of doing the jog stepping method. Use a pair of comfortable and well-padded rubber soles for your shoes when you're doing this type of exercise. Consider choosing a pair of exercise rubber shoes that are lightweight and offer a good front to back support for your body.
  • Use the treadmill. Begin walking on it for at least fifteen up to twenty-five minutes a day then continuously build up your endurance so that you can lengthen your time walking and making the speed a bit faster. If you can do this everyday then you may see positive results and you feel active and lighter too.
  • Losing weight through your legs is a healthy way to start a daily cardiovascular exercise. You can also run to increase muscle tone on the lower part of your body.
  • Perform squats everyday. You don't need to take this exercise routine longer. Begin by standing straight upright with your feet shoulder width apart. Start to inhale slowly as you go down forming a squat and bend position.
  • Keep your knees from extending past your toes up until your thighs are both parallel to the ground. You can now exhale as you go back to the straight standing position.
  • Performing this simple and effective workout repetition everyday is really good for losing weight in your thighs. You may just slowly and moderately increase your strength and stamina by holding dumbbells or barbells on both hands probably after a month or by the time that you're ready. 
  • Position your body using the hamstring machine on your stomach and hold the hand grips. Start placing both feet underneath those attached weights. Generally, hamstring machines can enhance strength for movements like running, walking and jumping. Although your upper legs and thighs will also be toned and you'll lose fat if you sit based on the traditional seated position using this machine.
  • You can do this exercise regimen by inhaling at the same time curling your weight up while bringing in both feet towards your buttocks. You can exhale when you lower both feet down but you need to be cautious when you start doing it. You can repeat this exercise method six to eight times a day.
  • Just remember that as you pull the weight toward your back side, don't let your bottom to arch up. If you feel that this is difficult then try the other easy exercise methods first to lose fats in your inner thighs. You can just do this again later on. Hamstring machines offer a good support especially for people who are new and advanced exercisers. Performing exercises off the backrest are ideal for advanced exercisers.
  • Some of these machines have specially designed foot harness to it. This machine be used by a variety of exercisers and it can also ensure a safe workout if properly installed. The hand grips of most hamstring machines provide additional stability for a good workout.
  • Perform leg upward stretching movements as you lay flat on your back using an exercise or yoga mat. Start to inhale slowly and deeply as you elevate both legs. Exhale as you bring your legs back down without allowing them to touch the exercise mat.
  • Keep both legs elevated preferably not less two inches away from the floor and make them temporarily halt on that same level as you bring them back down. This will not only tone your muscles and eliminate fats on your inner thighs but your belly area as well. Repeat this exercise regimen five to seven times a day.
  • You can also use a leg stretcher equipment after performing the daily leg upward stretching movements in order to prevent cramping, muscular aches as well as foot pain. A good leg stretcher equipment may reduce exercise fatigue and muscular soreness especially for the following day. A relaxing and regular stretching exercise workout will enhance your range of muscular motion.
Tips & Warnings:
If you decide to use weight tools, avoid straining your muscles. Make sure to create smooth and rhythmic movements as you perform various exercises to prevent injury.
It's advisable to exercise regularly so that you will not only target your inner thighs that contain fats but also all the other areas in your body. There are areas of your body that contain more fat. 
One example is that your face has become bony and defined with a continuous daily exercise but your thighs still look a little bit bigger and flabby although they have changed from the time you started the exercise routine. If you keep exercising and losing fat, ultimately your thighs will be toned but your face would possibly become very bony.
People have different body and facial structures. For example, some have very lean faces while others have chubby cheeks.
Use your strength so that you can tone and improve the size, shape and look of your thighs. Just remember not to overuse your muscles by exercising too much.
You can also consult a professional personal trainer prior you start an exercise regimen if you can afford to hire one in order to reach your weight goals.
Discontinue any exercise routine and contact your physician the soonest possible time if you experience any pain while performing any exercise.
Include basic squats and lunges to tone those muscles in your inner thighs. Begin with seven squats and lunges everyday and gradually increase them. Doing these exercises will help improve the appearance of your thighs.
If you start to eat less calories everyday with a good exercise routine, your fat will undergo the metabolism process where the body is forced to use energy from fat reserves.
Don't forget to sleep well so that you can avoid higher level of stress, anxiety and depression. 
The most efficient three inner thigh exercises are:
Inner thigh firmer
Outer thigh lift
Inner thigh firmer using a stability ball or pillow
The process of practicing these three inner thigh exercises is as follows:
Inner thigh firmer:
In this exercise to reduce thighs, you have to first lie on the left side of your body.
You have to keep your head on rolled-up towel or something for proper alignment of your hips, shoulder and your head.
Now you have to extend your left leg straight with the foot by bending your right leg and resting it on the floor in front of you.
You have to lift your left leg slowly for about six inches and hold it like that for some seconds and lower down your leg gradually.
Perform the same exercise by rolling down to right.
For obtaining good results, you should perform this exercise 10 minutes each side.
Outer thigh lift:
In this exercise to reduce thighs, you have to lie on the left side of the body by folding your left arm and keep it behind your head for proper alignment.
Now you bend your left leg and extend your right leg up to the angle of 45-degrees in front of you.
Now slowly lift your right leg up to six inches off the floor in very controlled motion.
Hold it for some time and then lower down it slowly.
Perform the same exercise by rolling down to right.
You should do this exercise for 10 minutes each side to obtain the better results.
Inner thigh firmer using a stability ball or pillow:
First you have to lie back on the floor by placing a large pillow or small swiss ball centrally in between your two legs.
Now you have to squeeze the pillow or ball smoothly by applying pressure from both legs onto the sides of the pillow or ball.
You should hold in the inner phase for 3 seconds before releasing and repeating again.
This is one of the easy inner thigh exercises that you can perform it by lying on your bed.
You should repeat this process for 10 times.
These are the three simple inner thigh exercises that will be helpful to you in reducing the size of your thigh. You should perform these inner thigh exercises to reduce thighs in proper way for more time to observe the results more quickly.
Here are some quick and easy inner thigh exercises for women that'll tone, shape, and basically give you sexy legs. Warning: You may actually start to enjoy working your legs.
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Tip Keep up the Cardio
The worst thing you can do when you are trying to trim and strengthen your thighs is to cut down or quit doing cardiovascular exercises. A basic cardio routine, including running, jogging or walking, is actually one of the best things you can do to build muscle in your legs, increase bone mass and lose inches of fat. 
Tip Add Lunges to Your Routine
If you are not already doing lunges as part of your regular workout routine, you should include them. Lunges are a basic exercise with a lot of impact on the muscles of the back of the legs, which are the hamstrings, and the muscles of the bottom. You can start by doing a basic lunge and adding variety when you have incorporated solidly into your routine. The lunge is a simple large step forward with your hands on your hips and a lunge down and back up. One variation is to add hand weights.
Tip Add Squats to Your Routine
Another vital exercise that should be a regular part of your thigh strengthening routine is the squat. This is a simple move that involves keeping your hands on your waist with your legs shoulder width apart. Squat down as you would when you are sitting on a chair, keeping your upper body straight. Then stand back up. Variations of this exercise can also be done to emphasize certain effects. For instance, if you prefer to work on inner thigh strength, stand with your feet at a wider stance.
Tip Take the Stairs
Whenever you have the opportunity to take the stairs, do it. You can also use the stair stepper machine at the gym or even the stairs in your own home. The point is to use the muscles of the leg and thigh to climb the stairs over and over again. There are variations to stair stepping as well. You can climb up backwards and go down forward or vice versa. This will work different sets of muscles. You can step up the stairs sideways, crossing over as you walk up. You can stay at the bottom of the staircase and use the first step as an aerobic step ‘machine’. Adding ankle weights will help also.
Tip Dance
A great way to strengthen the muscles of your thighs is to dance. It doesn’t matter what type of dance, as long as your legs are moving. Some ballet moves, such as plies, work extremely well.
The point to strengthening your thighs is to utilize the muscles. If you are looking for toned thighs and not bulk, then you need to stay away from the heavy weights at the gym. If you enjoy using the weight machines, do higher repetitions with lighter weights.
The ideal inner-thigh workout one that blasts fat while building muscle is hard to come by. Luckily for you, we’ve done the research! Do these seven exercises three days a week and you’ll start seeing toned thighs in no time.
Extended leg lift
Lie on your side using a small pillow for neck support.
Move your top leg forward so it’s resting on the floor.
Keep your bottom leg extended and point your toes.
Lift it approximately six inches off the ground, hold it for three seconds and lower it back down.
Don’t let your bottom leg rest on the floor until you’ve finished your set.
Remember to move slowly for an effective thigh workout. Do two sets of 10 repetitions with each leg.
Ballet raise
Begin by standing with one foot flat on the floor.
Place your opposite foot directly in front of the flat one with your foot pointed and your toes touching the floor.
Slowly lift that foot as high as possible, keeping it both pointed and close to your leg.
Lower it back down to the starting position.
You should be able to bring your toes just above your knee. Stand near a wall if you need help balancing. Start with two sets of 15.
Thrust and squeeze
Lie down with your arms at your sides and your knees bent.
Place your feet about 12 inches apart, flat on the floor.
Pull your abs in toward your spine, and, throughout your set, don’t lift your lower back from the floor.
Squeeze your bottom and slowly lift it off the floor, pushing up with your feet.
Press your knees together before lowering your bottom back down.
Start with two sets of 15.
Inner-thigh press
Lie down with your legs about two feet apart, extended straight in the air.
Your body should be bent at a 45-degree angle.
Cross your arms and hold each leg just below the knee.
Exhale while you push your legs inward, simultaneously pressing them outward with your hands for at least five seconds.
Start with sets of 10 and move up from there.
Standing thigh press
Stand with your feet together and your back straight, wearing ankle weights if possible.
Tighten your abs and flex your thighs.
Lift one leg and slowly press one thigh against the other for at least five seconds.
Move it outward and press again, but don’t swing your leg.
Start with a set of 10 for each leg. You can hold on to the back of a chair or the wall for balance, if needed.
All you need for cross-stepping is a staircase and motivation.
Face the railing and hold onto it for balance. From the bottom of the staircase, cross one leg over the other onto the first step.
Then cross the opposite leg onto the next step.
Keep doing this until you reach the top.
Want to up the intensity? Ankle weights will help you get toned thighs faster when you’re cross-stepping.
Deep squat
Begin by finding two weights, even if you have to make them — aluminum water bottles, for example.
Hold one in each hand.
Now spread your legs slightly more than shoulder-width apart with your feet flat and your toes pointed slightly outward.
Squat down slowly and hold the position for three seconds before moving back to the starting position.
Start with one set of 15. If you need help balancing, you can do deep squats with your back against a wall.
Side Lying Hip Adduction
Starting Position: Lie on your side on a mat/floor with your legs lengthened straight away from your body with your feet stacked in neutral position. Your lower arm can be bent and placed under your head for support. Your upper arm rests upon your upper hip. Your hips and shoulders should be stacked up and aligned vertically to the floor. Your head should be aligned with your spine. Engage your abdominal muscles to support your spine. Slowly bring your lower leg forward until it lies in front of your upper leg. Both legs remain straight. Both feet are resting on the floor with the feet in neutral position.
Upward Phase: Exhale. Gently raise the lower leg off the floor. Keep the knee straight and the foot in a neutral position. Do not allow the hips to roll forward or back. Both knees should be "looking" straight ahead. Continue raising the leg until the hips begin to tilt, the waist collapses into the floor or until your feel tension develop in your low back or oblique muscles.
Downward Phase: Gently inhale and return the leg to your starting position in a slow, controlled manner. After completing your set, roll over and repeat with the opposite leg.
Due to the limited movement at the hip joint in this direction, the leg need only rise a few inches off the mat/floor.
Cardiovascular activity can help you burn fat, which will take inches of non-lean body mass off your thighs. Because cardio forces your body to use more calories and increases your metabolism, it will help you to lose inches throughout your body -- including your thighs -- both when you are exercising and when your body is resting. In addition, when your muscles become conditioned through cardiovascular exercise, they will be better able to use fat, leading them to regularly dip into your fat stores for energy when you exercise. 
Some examples of cardiovascular exercises include biking, running, walking, using a cardio machine or taking an aerobics class.
Doing strength training for your leg muscles leads to more lean mass, making your legs appear more svelte because the muscle will be more noticeable than the fat. In addition, building muscle can actually lead to long-term fat loss, because muscle burns more calories than fat when your body is at rest. This muscle will cause you to immediately utilize the calories that you consume as long as you don’t overconsume sending the energy to your muscles instead of building up your fat stores.
Toning exercises for the legs include squats, lunges and leg lifts help to build muscle in the thigh region. In addition, Pilates and ballet tone classes focus specifically on the thigh region, making them a good workout option for you if you wish to lose inches off your thighs.
As with every muscle group, doing weight-bearing activity with your thigh muscles the abductor, adductor, quadriceps and hamstrings without stretching will lead to bulky muscle mass and a loss of range of motion. Regular stretching allows you to tone your body while keeping your muscles lean and long.
Stretches for the thigh region include the yoga exercise "downward-facing dog," hamstring stretch, standing quadriceps stretch and the butterfly stretch, a seated stretch in which you put the heels of your feet together and allow your knees to float gently toward each side, creating a butterfly shape.
Frog Stretch
This stretch is similar to the motion that frogs make when they are swimming. It conveniently stretches both inner thighs at once, so you will not need to switch sides. Start on your hands and knees. Gently slide both knees outwards while keeping your ankles and feet in line with the knees. Keep pushing your knees out until you feel a stretch. You can lift or lower your hips if necessary. Hold this stretch for as long as you like.
The inner thigh muscles are also called the adductors. These muscles play a large role in movement. They stabilize the pelvis and legs. Stretching them is as important as stretching the hamstrings and quads.
Side Lunge
The side lung is an effective stretch for the inner thigh and calf muscles. It is very easy to do and can be repeated as often as necessary. Start by standing with your feet hip width apart. Step your right leg out to the side of your body. Keep your knee bent and place one hand on it. Gently stretch your knee outward until you feel a stretch, while keeping your left leg in a straight line. You can hold this stretch for as long as you like before switching sides.
Wall Straddle
This stretch is slightly more advanced than the rest. It stretches all of the inner thigh muscles thoroughly. Start by lying flat on the ground with your legs flat up against a wall. Slowly and gently move both of your legs out to the sides of the wall in a V-shape. When you feel the stretch, try to hold your legs in position for 20 seconds. Do not force your legs out further than is comfortable for you.
Butterfly Stretch
The butterfly stretch is one of the most common stretches for the inner thigh muscles. Start by sitting on the ground with your knees together. Gently push your knees out from the sides of your body, similar to a V-shape. Try to push your knees as close to the ground as you can with the bottoms of your feet touching. Stretch your arms forward, or place your hands on your knees for support. You can repeat this stretch as often as necessary.
These stretches are among the most popular for the inner thigh region. They target the muscles that are often overlooked. Try adding these stretches into your current pre-workout or post-workout regimen. Do not push yourself or force yourself into a stretch. You should not experience any pain while stretching. If you do, then end the stretch and gradually perform it until you become more flexible.
Option 1:
You can do the 7 minute inner thigh workout below 2-to-4 times per day 2-to-4 days per week and wear ankle weights or do option 2 or 3 as this workout gets easier.
Option 2:
You can do the inner thigh exercise below dragging a heavy object 40-to-100 yards 1-to-3 times per day 2-to-3 days per week and do option 1 or 3 as this workout gets easier.
Option 3:
Do 4-to-6 sets of 8-to-20 reps 2-to-4 times per week and do option 1 or 2 as this workout gets easier.
Inner Thigh Exercises
Trouble spots… they can give you fits, and those pesky inner thighs are sometimes the worst. If you have ever struggled with getting rid of the fat in your inner thighs, this information will be music to your ears. You may know by now that you cannot spot reduce. In other words, you cannot simply exercise one area of your body to lose fat in that area alone. However, there are exercises that can target the muscles in a particular area, thereby increasing the lean mass to tone the area and increase caloric burn. Combining them with the right cardiovascular exercises to decrease fat will allow you to greatly alter the size and appearance of that area. To watch the fat melt away from your inner thighs, apply that concept using the following inner thigh exercises and cardiovascular routines.
Body Weight Hip Adduction Exercises
Adduction occurs when a part of the body is moved toward the midline of the body. For example, if your arms are raised so they are in line with your shoulders, adduction would move them toward your body so your hands are rested by your legs. With hip adduction, the same occurs for the legs. This movement engages the adductor muscles of the inner thigh, and it is common in most inner thigh exercises.
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