This is probably the best skin polish, ever. It’s like getting a microdermabrasion treatment, at one-millionth the cost. And I bet good money that you already have the ingredients at home: baking soda & soap.
Baking soda is unlike other scrubs – the micro grains act like sandpaper, which sounds like the last thing you’d want for your skin, expect for when you do. It’s still gentle enough – but it does such an amazing job at removing that dead, outer layer of the skin: the layer that is responsible for dullness and fine wrinkles and where sun-damage lies. It also helps with those miserable blackheads that like to pop up! No worries, with a little baking soda – bumps become smooth, skin glows… cakes rise, it’s amazing stuff.
Skin Polishing Recipe 
For Skin So Smooth You Believe It.
DIY Skin Polishing Recipe
baking soda
your normal face wash
pour a little face wash in the palm of your hand
add baking soda until you create a paste
very gently scrub your face, or why not grab your body wash, jump in the shower and  do your whole body!
wash with water and then feel how incredibly smooth your skin is!
Do this once or twice a month, but no more than that or your skin may get sensitive and peel. This treatment not only keeps your skin renewed, but it makes for better absorption of the moisturisers and serums that you apply, which means you get more benefit out of your products. Just make sure there are no chemicals in your products, you don’t want your new skin soaking all that in.
Homemade Gift Idea: Sugar Cookie Body Polish
Looking for a simple homemade gift idea? This recipe for Homemade Sugar Cookie Body Polish is simple, smells amazing, and inexpensive to make!
Chances are, you have all of the ingredients to make this homemade gift already at home!
Homemade Gift Idea: Sugar Cookie Body Polish
2 ½ Cups White Sugar
¼ Cup Coconut Oil (melted)
¼ Cup Gel Body Wash
Rubbing Alcohol
Container will airtight lid
Using a spray bottle, spay the inside and lid of you container with rubbing alcohol and set aside to dry.
In a large bowl mix all ingredients until well combined.
You are looking for the mixture to hold its shape when pressed together.
Spoon into dry container, and store at room temperature.
To Use:
Gently message into skin while in the shower or bath. The sugar acts as a gentle exfoliate and the coconut oil will help moisturize the skin.
Rinse off with warm water.
Homemade Gift Idea: Sugar Cookie Body Polish
Author: Jamie
2 ½ Cups White Sugar
¼ Cup Coconut Oil (melted)
¼ Cup Gel Body Wash
Rubbing Alcohol
Container will airtight lid

Using a spray bottle, spay the inside and lid of you container with rubbing alcohol and set aside to dry.
In a large bowl mix all ingredients until well combined.
You are looking for the mixture to hold its shape when pressed together.
Spoon into dry container, and store at room temperature.
Soft and glowing skin
If you have tried body polishing in a spa then you must be knowing about the nice fresh glow which body polishing gives to your skin. How about doing body polishing without spending thousands and even taking the treatment a step further from removing dead skin cells to even out your skin tone? Manual skin polishing can be done right in your home and you don’t need many things also for that.
Body polishing is normally done by a skin specialist who uses natural abrasive products and works into the skin with various massaging, scrubbing and rubbing motion. If done properly it leaves your skin relaxed and revitalized. This can be done at home also and it is a wonderful treatment for those who crave for baby soft skin.
 Following items are required for skin polishing:-
1.    Polishing body cloth(The Body Shop makes a good durable exfoliating wash cloth)
2.    Pumice stone
3.    Pure olive oil
4.    Homemade body scrub or any scrub which suits your skin.
Lets start with face polish first
Moisten your skin by washing it with warm water first and  use a gentle exfoilant and start rubbing in circular motion .Avoid your eye areas and if you have acne prone skin then do not be harsh with your acne.
Coming to body polish Generate some steam in your bathroom by opening hot water tap. Now rub pure olive oil all over your body and massage whole of your body for 10 minutes at least. This moisturize and condition the skin and will make polishing easier and gentle too.
Now apply a gentle sugar scrub with a polishing cloth in circular motion.
Now use pumice stone on rough areas such as knees, heels and elbows.
Now gently pat dry your skin with a towel and apply facial moisturizer on your skin and a light body cream.
When you are doing this do not go outside without a sunscreen on.
You can do this twice a week for effective skin polishing.
Body polishing leaves your skin energized and pampered however if you are suffering from fever or other skin related disease it is advisable to not to go for this treatment.If you have sunburn then do not consider this treatment until it is full recovered.
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Wanna bring out your natural glow? Well, it’s time to brighten up your dull and dry skin the SWEET way with this DIY coconut body polish. When you’re done, not only will you look great, but you’ll definitely smell great too. I did mention it was sweet, right?
But wait, it gets even better- it is super easy to make and you probably have most, if not all, of the ingredients right at your home already. Because there are no harsh chemicals, it is really gentle on your skin yet really effective at the same time. Those dead skin cells of yours will be gone before you know it.
So go ahead and check out the Sweet Coconut Body Polish below. ENJOY!
Body Polish
What You Need:
3 Cups Brown Sugar
¼ Cup Coconut Oil
¼ Cup Argan Oil
¼ Body Wash, the Gel kind, of your choice (preferably vanilla.
Isopropyl Alcohol
1 big mixing bowl
1 clean and empty spray bottle
1 clean and empty air tight container
What To Do:
First thing is first, you wanna get your container ready. Again, make sure that it is air tight, it is clean, and it is dry. Then you want to put some of your alcohol into the spray bottle and spray the inside of your container. Kind of like when you’re baking, you just wanna thinly “coat” the inside but you don’t want it to be really wet. Then set the container aside to dry.
The next thing to do is to take your mixing bowl and simply put your sugar, coconut oil, argan oil, and body wash in and mix together. Keep on doing so until you have a nice, thick consistency.
TIP: In cold weather, coconut oil tends to harden. If this is the case, just pop it in the microwave for a couple seconds until melted.
Then simply spoon into your air tight container, seal the lid, and keep it at room temp. Voila! Your homemade sweet coconut body polish is done!
How To Use It:
The first thing you wanna do is take a nice hot shower- soap and cleanse as you normally would, the important thing is that the water is hot. You see, you want to really open up your pores for the polish to be most effective.
When done, take your polish and massage gently all over your body focusing on dry, rough patches of skin, your elbows, knees, heels of your feet. You can use a loofa if you like and even a pumice stone on the harder areas. Keep on massaging for about 7-10 minutes. You want your skin to get all the good stuff and get rid of all the bad, so to speak. (dead skin cells).
Rinse off with luke warm water. On a hot day, cold water would actually be better to help tighten your skin, but only if you can take the chill!
Follow up with your favorite moisturizer. Repeat once a month.
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