The kidneys and bladder rule over the element of water within the body. The kidneys are responsible for filtering the blood. By offering our body extremely high quality water, we help the kidneys do their job more efficiently. Organic water from fruits and vegetables and especially coconut water (nearly identical to blood plasma) are ideal substances to ease the kidneys' workload. The kidneys are affected by salt balance in the body. When the body contains organic sodium or pure salts, it gains the ability to store water in our cells andc an help the kidneys. The kidneys also function as the battery for the body's energy,. The bladder is where water is to be removed from the body is stored.

Your kidneys and bladder are very important. They function as part of the urinary system, and help in keeping the rest of your body healthy by eliminating toxins and un-wanted bacteria. Cranberries help to reduce the amount of calcium in the urine. Calcium buildup reduces kidney function and thus increases toxic buildup in your bladder which can lead and kidney stones.


I. Fast on raw juices for five days. Take a glass of juice diluted with water every two hours during the day and use warm water enema to cleanse the bowels.

II. After the juice fast, adopt a lacto-vegetarian diet on the following lines:-
Upon arising:
30 ml. Of olive oil and follow it immediately with 120 ml. Of lemon juice or grapefruit juice.
Fresh fruit, one or two slices of whole meal toast and a cup of skimmed milk.
Carrot juice or lemon juice.
Vegetable soup, a large salad consisting of vegetables in season with dressing of lemon juice or vegetable oil. Fresh fruit for dessert, if desired.
A glass of carrot or lemon juice.
Vegetable soup or juice, one or two steamed vegetables, brown rice or whole wheat wheat tortilla and a glass III buttermilk.
All meats, eggs, animal fats, sugar, white flour, all products made from them processed and denatured foods, fried and greasy foods, refined carbohydrates, alcohol, tea, coffee, spices, condiments, pickles and smoking.

1. Consume a low fat diet.

2. Drink lot of water.

3. Foods like artichokes, barley, oat bran, broccoli, dandelion greens, alfalfa and oat bran may be beneficial.

4. Non-vegetarians can have fish, chicken and turkey in their diet.

5. Red meat and spicy foods are prohibited for gall bladder stone patients.

6. Take: Beet, cucumber, garlic and garlic oil, avocados, artichokes, ginger root, coconut, grapes and grape juice, apple, apricots, berries, casaba melons, currants, figs, guavas, lemons, pears, prunes, turmeric, and flax oil.

7. Avoid: eggs, pork, onion, fowl, milk, coffee, grapefruit, oranges, corn, beans and nuts, alcohol, saturated fats, hydrogenated oils and partially hydrogenated oils.

Good Quality Vinegar. 

According to these writers, gall bladder problems (thus suggesting the need for a gall bladder flush) are often found in people who are

constantly planning
  • hypersensitive to drafts
    hypersensitive to noises
    hypersensitive to strong smells.

    When the liver is constantly stagnant, sediment often settles out of the bile and forms accumulations that resemble stones, sand or mud in the gall bladder.
Symptoms of sediment in the gall bladder:
  • indigestion
  • flatulence

periodic pain below the right side of the rib cage tension in the back of the shoulder near the neck bitter taste in the mouth chest pain.

These foods hasten gallstone removal:
  • pears
  • parsnips
  • seaweed
  • lemons
  • limes
  • and the spice turmeric
Radish also remove stones, so, for the entire 21 days eat 1-2 radishes a day between meals and drink three cups of cleavers tea or five cups of chamomile tea a day.

For every 160 pounds of body weight use five teaspoons of cold-pressed flax seed oil. Pour the flax oil over your food during one meal of the day or divide into half and use on two meals. Take the flax oil six days a week for two months.

Home Remedy for Pain

*One common beet root + Juice of half lemon + 2 table spoon of flax oil / 10 ml of olive oil + 10 ml of fresh lemon juice + 5 gm of crushed Garlic – Use this mixture once a day in an empty stomach.

*One bunch parsley + 3 medium zucchini + ½ lb. Green beans + 5 stalks celery – Steam together for 8-10 minutes or partially steam and boil in ½ cup water or the Flax Seed Tea.

Liquids are best during an attack. You could try the Beet Recipe. Many find it helps, but others do better with just liquids. It is wonderful for relief from all sorts of gastric disturbances such as stomach pain, gas, and indigestion. I do not add any fat or salt to this recipe. It can be used anytime but is particularly useful as a three day fast with nothing else but water. It is both nourishing and easy to digest. You can alter the amounts to taste. More beans add more sweetness.

Certain factors put you at risk for developing gall bladder disease, including:

Age. People over the age of 60 often have gall bladder disease.

Overweight women over the age of forty are the population that has gall bladder surgery most frequently.

Hormone replacement therapy. Estrogen stimulates the production of gallstones, so women on hormone replacement therapy or those who have taken birth control pills for many years sometimes have gall bladder disease.

There is a generally recognized link between a diet high in poor-quality fats and sugar and gall bladder disease. This is the diet that most Americans eat today.


People who are obese have bile that is saturated with cholesterol, making them more likely to develop gallstones.

What To Do If You Suspect You Have Gall Bladder


Symptoms of gall bladder dysfunction can vary and include:
  • Pain in the abdomen or the right shoulder.
  • Pain accompanied with nausea and vomiting.
  • Pain that is triggered by eating fatty foods.
  • Pain and tenderness under the ribs on the right side, sometimes with a fever.
  • Pain that gets worse with coughing.

yellowing of the eyes and skin.

These are just some of the symptoms of gall bladder disease, and many of these symptoms can be mistaken for other conditions like kidney stones, heart attack, and hepatitis.

If you have any of the above symptoms, the best thing to do is consult a doctor to determine your condition and discuss your options for treatment.

But remember: there may be other options to surgery, so explore them all before you decide which step to take.

Benefits of a bladder cleanse!

Bladder cleansing can be very useful and play key role in improving your health and vitality. Read on below to know some of the important benefits of bladder cleansing.

Dissolving and flushing out of kidney stones- the diet eaten during the bladder cleansing phase employs eating of various citrus fruits which act upon the stones and softens them; thus enabling them to get excreted out along with urine flow.

Destroying of urinary infections- various herbs and juices taken during the bladder cleansing strengthens your immunity and helps you in fighting against the infections of the urinary tract.

Kidney bacteria and fungus is destroyed- bladder cleansing also helps in removing and destroying of fungus and bacteria out of the body.

Inflammation of the bladder and kidneys is reduced- several conditions related to the bladder and the kidneys are cured and their symptoms are relieved by cleansing the bladder on a regular basis.

Boosting of immune system- helps in improving your immunity and regulating the flow of urine as well as strengthening your excretory system by aiding the kidneys in their functioning.

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