Bodybuilding Power Training Principle The Priority Principle involves giving any area of your physique that is weak or lagging behind the others special priority in your bodybuilding workout schedule. This is necessary because every bodybuilder has weak points. No champion, no matter how many titles he has won, has a perfect physique. Some body parts always develop better and faster than others no matter who you are or how good your genetics may be. There are a number of ways of doing this:
The priority principle is one technique used to develop a complete and balanced physique. It allows you to work on weak areas, while also developing a full physique while training your strong areas as well. Regardless of genetic predisposition, everyone has certain areas which are lagging in comparison to the others, or even certain aspects of individual muscles which are not as complete in proportion to the muscle as a whole (many individuals who are a lagging upper or outer chest, but a full, and balanced lower chest). Some tips on using the priority principle in your training are listed below: 
Bodybuilding Training Priority Principle Tips
  • You can schedule a specific body part so that you train it immediately after a rest day, when you are fresh, recuperated, and strong.
  • You can schedule a body part workout at the beginning of your training session rather than later, when you are more fatigued.
  • You can choose exercise specifically designed to achieve the kind of development you are looking for (size, shape, definition, separation, etc)
  • You can work on improving your basic training technique to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your bodybuilding training workouts.
  • You can change your bodybuilding training program so that you include extra intensity training for any lagging body part, such as making use of a variety of Intensity Techniques.
  • You can use Priority Training to enhance the size and the sweep of your quadriceps, to make your arms bigger, biceps peak higher, deltoids more pronounced and separated, or to improve any weak area of your physique.
  • Nobody has a perfect physique and if a body part is not responding, don't just accept that as a fact, but do something about it - and one primary remedy for such a problem is the employment of the Bodybuilding Power Training Principle - The Priority Principle.
 Training Priority Principle 

1)You can train a certain body part immediately after rest day so that it is fresh, recuperated and strong.

2) You can train a certain body part at the beginning of your training to ensure quality repetitions are achieved rather than after when the muscles become more fatigued. An example of this would be the pairing of back and biceps in a total body split. If biceps are trained immediately after back, the biceps will be pre fatigued to a certain degree as a result, and the training focus may not be as intense as it could have been. Although it is not the weight you lift, but the form, many would argue that this does not matter, but to really isolate a certain muscle, it is helpful to train it at the beginning of the workout when glycogen stores and motivation are at there peaks.

3) Be specific with your exercises and ensure that they will help you achieve the goal you have in mind. If your goal is a defined look, you will want to perform high rep range, in the range of 12 - 20 repetitions for example, where, if your goal is to develop mass, you will want to keep your repetitions in the 6 - 12 rep range.

4) Use training intensity techniques specifically on lagging muscles or muscle groups to bring them up to the standard you would like.

5) Remember to use perfect form in all your exercises to blast and bomb your muscles in various ways to create the mass and definition you are looking to achieve. 
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