Fig, commonly known as ‘anjeer’ in Pakistan And India, is a fruit native to the Mediterranean and Asian regions. This fruit formed an important part of the diet of ancient Romans and Greeks and is said to increase strength and swiftness due to its rich nutritional value. It is rich in fiber, water and minerals such as calcium, potassium and manganese. Drinking fig juice is, therefore, an effective way of obtaining the nutrients of this fruit.

Being rich in calcium and potassium, fig juice is particularly beneficial for women as it helps boosting bone density and consequently they can reduce their intake of dairy products to obtain the needed calcium. Thus, fig is a perfect low fat and less cholesterol substitute for dairy products. It also increases strength and stamina and often forms a part of the diet of athletes. This juice has no side effects and can even be given to young children. Fig juice is generally available in super markets. Alternatively, it can be prepared at home with the help of a juicer. After extracting, the juice also needs to be strained with the help of a strainer.
Fig Juice Health Benefits Amazing Tips
Fig Juice Skin Benefits:
Just like the rest of the body, your skin also needs adequate supply of vital nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants to maintain its health. Fruit juices play an important role in providing you with glowing skin and warding off skin problems and fig juice is no exception.
Figs and milk juice
Figs           30g
Almond  5 almonds
Honey  1 tbsp
Milk          170ml
12 figs (Fresh, halved)
12 ozs simple syrup (one part sugar, one part water)
6 ozs juice (Fresh navel orange)
12 ozs fresh lemon juice
24 ozs spiced rum (Sailor Jerry)
24 ozs bourbon whiskey ( Hudson Baby)

Bone Health:
Bone frailty results in brittleness as well as thinning of the bones, ultimately resulting in osteoporosis and/or arthritis.
Foods which have higher calcium levels are ideal for the bones. Calcium together with potassium work to encourage bone density as well as power. Calcium helps you to improve the bones, whilst potassium decreases calcium loss by means of urine, making certain the body has got both the nutrients in plentiful.
The calcium in fig performs a significant part in conditioning the bones. Just include figs in your daily diet to acquire optimum advantages. It retains the normal bone strength and density. Therefore helps prevent the growth of bone associated problems just like osteoporosis in senior years. A fig health advantage consists of the role of assisting healthy bones.
Figs may serve as an alternate source of calcium for people who are hypersensitive towards milk products. Fig juice is definitely an outstanding replacement for those struggling with milk allergies as well as lactose intolerance.

Diabetic and Weight Watcher’s Food:
Not only have the fruit, even leaves of the tree, assisted reduced insulin for insulin injection dependent diabetics. The fruit, in addition to a liquid extract produced from leaves whenever included with diabetic meals, has help lower sugar levels within the blood. Even though, high on sugar, figs contain the benefit of carrying natural sugar an dietary fiber, which makes it one of ‘the fruits’ to eat in the weight reduction program.

Protect lipoproteins in the blood from oxidation:
Research has shown that consuming figs creates a substantial rise in anti-oxidant capacity which may last for 4 hours soon after usage. This increase in anti-oxidants permits the body to beat the oxidative stress of eating harmful foods just like high fructose corn syrup present in carbonated sodas. Take into account that the darker types of figs include a increased anti-oxidant capacity and lots of these phytonutrients are normally found within the skin once the fruit is completely.

Nutritional Value of Fig
Following is a nutritional value table of dried out figs, values which may differ dependant on the quality and also the size of per serving. This gentle sweet fruit, packed with small seeds is much more often consumed dried, since the fresh ones have little shelf life, and have a tendency to degrade easily throughout transportation. Ingesting them fresh or even dried, whole or perhaps in parts does not affect the quantity of health advantages one can possibly gain. The following table is perfect for a single serving of uncooked, dried figs, equal to 149 g.
Nutrient                        Nutritional Value
Water                                    44.8 g

Calories                                 371 calories

Protein                                   4.9 g
Calcium                                 241 mg
Iron                                       3.0 mg
Potassium                              1013 mg
Magnesium                             101 mg
Phosphorus                            99.8 mg
Carbohydrates                        95.2 mg
Dietary Fiber                          14.62 mg
Starch                                      7.6 g
Folate                                    71.4 g
Vitamin C                               1.8 mg
Vitamin K                             23.2 mcg
Folate                                  13.4 mcg

Figs are high in flavonoids:
Figs consist of higher quantity of a flavonoid quercetin. Research is displaying that dietary consumption of quercetin might be linked to the protection against lung as well as colon cancers.

Reduce inflammation of cancer:
Because of higher amounts of another flavonoid known as luteolin, figs have got extremely distinct anti-inflammatory actions within the body. Luteolin has got powerful anti-oxidant abilities and is also extremely effective at overcoming free-radicals. In comparison with some other flavonoids, luteolin was the very best at blocking the development of tumours. Luteolin utilized topically is shown to be a key player in the prevention as well as management of cancer of the skin.

Control high blood pressure:
Higher salt consumption as well as minimal potassium usage, will make a person vunerable to high blood pressure levels. It’s really a well-known fact that potassium rich foods assist to avoid high blood pressure levels.
Sodium levels within figs are extremely lower however their potassium content is extremely high. That’s why figs are perfect to avoid as well as control high blood pressure successfully.
Figs are a fantastic method of obtaining potassium. This essential mineral aids you to manage blood pressure level by leading to blood vessels to relax which leads to a drop in pressure. The potassium within figs works especially well in ‘salt sensitive hypertension’ since it boosts the urinary excretion of sodium chloride. Do this recipe to get a excellent hit of fig:
Control of Diabetes:
The high quantity of potassium in fig fruit keeps the blood sugar levels of the body under control. The fruit, in addition to a liquid extract produced from fig leaves whenever included with diabetic meals, reduce the sugar levels within the blood.
In insulin centered diabetics, who are using insulin injections to manage the diabetes, fig fruit as well as fig leaves, helps you to reduce levels of insulin.

Weight Loss:
Figs are fantastic source of dietary fibers. These types of fibers are ideal for decreasing bodyweight and therefore are frequently appropriate for weightloss routine.
A fig health benefit consists of weight reduction also. Even though, high on sugar, figs contain the benefit of carrying natural sugar, which makes it certainly one of ‘the fruits’ to consume for weight reduction.

Lowers High Cholesterol Level:
As everyone knows, a high cholesterol level puts an individual in the danger zone of cardiovascular problems.
Figs are usually fiber rich fruits that have an essential dietary fiber, referred to as pectin, which will help in reducing the levels of cholesterol in your body. Pectin basically soaks up cholesterol that is then removed away from the body.

Keep Colon Healthy:
Frequent usage of figs safeguards the colon from numerous inflammation related illnesses. It guarantees healthy bowel function and may provide protection from colon cancer.

Fig health advantages consists of correction of anemia. Figs have got higher iron as well as foliate content. This really is extremely good for iron lacking anemic individuals, together with seriously menstruating, pregnant as well as lactating women.
Whenever fig is taken along with milk, it may result in enhancement in anemic problem.

Eye Health:
Figs are ideal for eye-sight. They’re outstanding options for vitamin A, which usually helps prevent degeneration of eye-sight that takes place as we grow older. Consuming figs on a regular basis is the better option you’ve got for sustaining ideal eye health.
A glowing skin or even excellent eyesight in old age is a few of the benefits of anti-oxidant abundant foods.

Good for Asthma:
Figs are believed valuable in the management of asthma. Phlegmatic cases of cough as well as asthma are cured with success by their use. It provides comfort to the patient by draining of the phlegm.

Sexual Weakness:
Figs could be beneficially utilized in the management of sexual debility. They may be supplemented by other dry fruits just like almonds as well as dry dates together with butter. Their use has proven good at such cases.
Dip 2-3 figs in milk overnight as well as consume them each morning to boost your sexual power. It may also help in putting on the weight.

Dried figs are loaded with soluble as well as insoluble fiber. The insoluble fiber present in figs keeps the digestive tract healthy, while the soluble fiber decreases cholesterol levels to lessen the chance of cardiovascular disease.

Healthy red blood cells:
A 100 gram serving of dried figs provides 16 percent of the suggested every day iron necessity – a mineral that is essential for building healthy red blood cells to transport oxygen through the entire body. Most premenopausal ladies do not get sufficient iron within their diet – 
yet post-
menopausal men and women need to limit their iron consumption unless they’ve got a known insufficiency since an excessive amount of iron boosts the chance of cardiovascular disease.
Treats breast cancer- 
Adequate fiber within fig even provide safety from the difficulty of post-menopausal breast cancer.
Avoids urinary calcium loss- 
Individuals who take a salt-rich diet have problems with this urinary illness. Yet, the existence of potassium within figs really helps to get over this severeness.
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