Bodybuilders might assume that all bodybuilders eat steak three times a day and pop steroids in between. Vegetables for bodybuilders are best for their appearance.
What are the benefits of garlic?
Garlic has both anti bacterial and anti viral properties.  What’s great about garlic is, unlike other solutions that are full of side effects or ones that wipe out your whole gut flora (including the beneficial bacteria), garlic has no negative effect on mammalian cells.  It keeps them intact yet it destroys pathogens.  As you may know, bacteria can mutate and develop resistance to antibiotics.  The antimicrobial part of garlic prevents any chance of bacteria building resistance to it.  This is the main reason why garlic is so effective.
Garlic Juice Heart,Liver,Skin,Ulcers,Benefit Tips
  • Healthy Skin: Including garlic in your daily diet will help you maintain clear, healthy, glowing skin.
  • Healthy Heart: Garlic is excellent for the heart and reduces the risk of heart disease. Garlic helps reduce blood from clotting, which is why it is useful in treating atherosclerosis and heart conditions.
  • Lowers Cholesterol: Garlic helps you regulate your cholesterol levels and to lower it.
  • Weight Loss: If you are trying to lose weight, one of the benefits that garlic juice provides is weight loss. Allicin present in garlic juice reduces unhealthy fats in the body.
Body The anabolic effect of garlic
Garlic powder testosterone production capacity and reduces the production of cortisol. This discovery was made by researchers at Kobe University and Riken pharmaceutical company in Japan. Rats receiving garlic powder retained in their food more protein.

While each patient is unique with his anatomy and symptoms vary from one patient to the next, experts have identified certain common symptoms patients may experience that include:
• Problems with digestion that may include flatulence, constipation, bloating and diarrhea, heart burn, gum disease
• Irritability, anxiety attacks, moodiness, fatigue, foggy feeling, headaches, depression
• Various allergies and skin rashes
• Lowered nutrient absorption caused by the disease may lead to nutritional deficiencies and other health issues
Some of the things to watch out for to avoid getting leaky gut syndrome in the first place include:
• Gut irritants like smoking; excessive consumption of caffeine and or alcohol
• Be on the watch for fungal, bacterial or parasitic infections
• Certain antibiotics and pain killers
• Contaminated foods that the heart does not permit to throw away
• Sugar-rich and fibre-low diets
• Vitamin deficiencies
• Digestive intolerances such as lactose intolerance
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Although I am not going to go in depth into the science behind garlics immune system boosting properties, garlic is well known as a natural antibiotic. In fact, it can help lower bad cholesterol and its antioxidants may help prevent plaque deposits and partially restore arties to health .
Rocambole garlic
Purple-streaked, loose skinned, a big-flavoured garlic that doesn't keep long. Hot and full of flavour, they are a chef's favourite. High in sulfenic acid, which gives garlic its chilli-like burning taste, but quickly dissipates. (If you want to conserve this heat, treat the garlic gently – don't crush the clove, and cook it less.)
Spanish or red garlic

Gorgeous purple colour, almost fig-like and often very large. Some varieties can be mild, others, such as the chesnok, are high in sugars and have been declared the best for roasting. Here's a favourite roast garlic and pea soup from Nigel Slater's book Real Food.
Artichoke or Italian garlic
A group of bulgy, many-cloved types. Taste varies wildly with age and type, and green shoots may appear early in some of the cloves. These can be easily removed if you slice the clove in half from the top.
Black and smoked garlic
More fashionable in recent years, both are modern inventions. Black garlic is fermented at high temperature to give a sweet, yeasty taste that some cooks use to boost flavour. I have had no joy from it. Smoked garlic is generally made, like smoked fish, with oak chips – the process doesn't add any extra life to the bulb. But, roasted, its good spread on toast as a bruschetta.
Wild garlic
The lush sword-like leaves that grow in damp patches in British woodlands from early spring are the product of a different species of allium. But they're a lovely taste of the new season. You can use them, or the little white flower heads that arrive later in salad, stuff a roast chicken with them, or crush them into a pesto sauce with some basil and olive oil.
The Best Reason To Eat Garlic
The most important thing you can do for your health is eat a diverse diet of natural, unprocessed foods. Garlic is an amazing ingredient that imparts a unique and wonderful taste to the food it is cooked with. If you like garlic and it encourages you to eat your vegetables, then it’s good for you.
If you’re keen to find out how garlic can be used to assist in your health, sit back and read our 10 amazing health benefits of garlic!
Garlic Tips
1. Garlic has been found to assist babies to gain weight while they are in the womb. Next time you have a baby prepare to have garlic breath. Except if you have a history of large babies in which case maybe you want to skip the extra doses?
2. Garlic strengthens the immune system as well as helps to fight chest infections, coughs and congestion. In the winter months garlic is a great food to boost your immune system and ward off colds and flu. An old folk remedy is to eat a clove of garlic that has been dipped in honey at the first sign of a cold. Why not try it and see if it works for you?
3. Garlic contains high levels of iodine which makes it a very effective treatment for hyperthyroid conditions. Treatment with garlic has been shown to greatly improve this condition.
4. Scurvy is treated by vitamin C and garlic contains good levels of vitamin C too.
5. Popular folklore says that garlic is good for more than scaring hungry vampires away! Impotency has long been thought to benefit from doses of garlic, and treatment continues in many communities to this day. Why not try treating yourself with garlic for several months before you head off to the doctor for that Viagra prescription?
6. Cardiovascular disease can be reduced by ingesting garlic. LDL cholesterol is no friend of garlic and the aortic plaque deposits that gather on the walls of your body’s veins can be reduced with the use of garlic too. Studies have shown the amazing benefits of taking garlic in relation to heart disease.
7. Fungal and bacterial vaginal infections are toast when treated with garlic! When crushed or bruised, garlic releases Allicin which is a sulphuric compound that is a natural antibiotic. WWI soldiers even apparently used crushed garlic on infected wounds suffered in battle. If you decide to take garlic in tablet form be sure to use powdered capsules. The processes used to create garlic tablets destroy the Allicin that is present.
8. Garlic is a great source of vitamin B6 which is needed for a healthy immune system and the efficient growth of new cells. Vitamin B6 can also assist with mood swings and improve your cheery disposition!
9. Garlic can aid in the prevention of multiple types of cancer. Bladder cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer and stomach cancer have all been shown to have their tumors reduced when treated with garlic. Vitamin B6 is said to have cancer fighting abilities.
10. Garlic regulates blood sugar as it enhances the level of insulin in the blood. This may assist in the control of diabetes. Seek medical advice if you believe the use of garlic could help your condition.
Also consider another area of your health when you choose to consume more garlic than your friends and family. If you are the only one taking increased doses of garlic, chewing a sprig or three of parsley after each garlic dose is recommended to combat the lovely aroma of garlic breath!

Garlic is more than a culinary mainstay that can add flavor to meals; it is a natural, traditional medicine that has antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Regular consumption of garlic has been linked with:
Improving overall cholesterol levels
Lowering blood pressure and decreasing clot formation, thus reducing the risk of stroke and heart attack
Combating respiratory infections
Minimizing symptoms of common colds, including sore throats
Reducing fungal or yeast infections
10 Amazing Health Benefits
Of Garlic Juice
Let us quickly see the top garlic juice benefits to health:
garlic juice for weight loss
Health Benefits of Garlic Juice:
1.  Asthma:
Mix 10 drops of garlic juice with 2 tbsp of honey in a glass of water. Drink this daily to control asthma attacks.

2. Sore Throat:
Mix garlic juice with hot water and gargle to get rid of Sore throat.
3. Cough:
Add 20 drops of garlic juice to a glass of pomegranate juice. It helps to cure all types of cough.
4. Pimples:
Garlic juice can be applied and kept for 5 minutes to cure pimples on the face. Avoid using this overnight; this remedy can also be used to cure breakouts. Keep applying this till the acne disappears.
5. Baldness:
Garlic is a boon to Bald and people with less hair. It can be applied on bald spots, leave till it dries. Use this twice a day till you see the required result.
“Take care of your eyes. Keep garlic juice away”
6. Hair Lice:
Surprised! Yes, garlic juice can even help you get rid of those lice in your hair. Mix it with lemon juice and massage this on the hair at night. Wash it in the morning. Repeat this everyday for 5 days. This is one of the best benefits of garlic juice for hair.
7. Impotence:
Everyday drink garlic juice mixed with milk early in the morning. It helps to control infertility in women.
8. Bites by poisonous insects:
Apply garlic juice and massage on the bite to get relief from the pain of insect bites.
9. Cholesterol:
The best and the most effective remedy of garlic juice is to reduce cholesterol which indirectly helps in preventing heart attacks and diseases. Drinking garlic juice will reduce thickening, shrinking and hardening of arteries.
10. Sagging Breasts:
Garlic juice is even helpful to tone you sagging breasts. Drink garlic juice daily for this.
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