The best way to exfoliate lips at home is by using a toothbrush for cleaning the dead skin cells and dirt to lighten the dark lips and make it look fair and pink. Natural home remedies like honey, sugar, baking soda, aloe vera gel, lemon, olive oil can also be used to scrub out the impurities and make lips beautiful.
Get Full Plump Lips Motivation Tips

Many lip scrubs and cleansers are available in market, which are especially made for clearing impurities from lips. You can bring one of these scrubs and use it for exfoliating lips at home. These scrubs contain skin cleansing acids and enzymes that lightens dark lips and makes it pink.
Sugar is one of the best natural product to exfoliate lips. Take some powdered sugar and add rose water to it. Rub this mixture gently to your lips with clean fingers for 5 minutes. This will remove all the impurities and dead cells making your lips soft and clean.
Another remedy is to add olive oil and lemon to sugar and then repeat the same procedure as above.
Honey can be used to deeply exfoliate and moisturize lips. Add drops of lemon to and little powdered sugar to warm honey. Now apply it to your lips and slowly start massaging. Citric acid in lemon acts as a bleach, scrubbing the dirt from lips and honey is used for both clearing and moisturizing lip skin. For people with dry and chapped lips it is advised to use only honey for exfoliating lips as lemon and sugar can lead to irritation.
Select a toothbrush with soft bristles and dip it into the powdered sugar scrub. Slowly rub it over your lips for 5 minutes and see the change in the complexion of lips. Toothbrushes are very effective in clearing the deep stuck impurities and hence the result you get from it is better as compared to our finger that we use for scrubbing. If your lips are chapped or cracked avoid using this remedy as it can be painful.
For people with chapped lips use vaseline or petroleum jelly to exfoliate your lips. Take one of these products and with your fingers rub it to lips with a soft hand. The main advantage of using vaseline or petroleum jelly is that they not only clean dead skin cells but also help to cure chapped lips. If your lips are not chapped use a toothbrush for better result.
Just like the sugar remedy add water to baking soda and use it as a lip scrub. You can also add olive oil to baking soda and then start cleaning lips. Baking soda will flush away the dirt on lips making it look beautiful.
You can also try to exfoliate lips with a wet piece of cloth. Take a soft piece of cloth and dip it in warm water. Now start massaging it to your lips in circular motion for 5 minutes. This will help to clear the dead cells and other pollutants lightening the lip tone.
Usealoe vera gel as a natural scrub to clear dead skin from lips. Since aloe vera is antiseptic it can also be used to exfoliate chapped lips.
Apply the aloe gel to your lips, rub it for 5 minutes and let it dry. After it dries use warm water to rinse your lips. All the impurities will stick to the aloe gel and will eventually be washed off.
Oat meal scrub can be prepared by mixing olive oil to it. Apply it to your lips and massage it for 10 minutes. Let this mixture dry on lips and then you can wash it. This will make your lips clean, clear and soft.
Rub tomato juice to lips for 10 minutes using a toothbrush. This juice contains acids and antioxidants that help lips to stay attractive and young.
Tips to take care while you exfoliate lips
Never use toothbrush or hard cloth for cleaning chapped lips.
After you finish scrubbing remember to provide moisture to lips.
Never go rough when you are rubbing the scrub on lips.
Exfoliate lips just once or twice a week.
Exfoliate You Lips
You will have to slough off dead skin layer by exfoliating the lips. It tends to stimulate the blood flow to the puckers. This improved blood flow helps in making your lips rosy and lippy.
The easiest way to remove old skin from your thin-lips is to use a baby toothbrush on your lips.
Keep tooth brushes for the purpose of only sloughing skin off your lips.
Wet the tooth brush with a little warm water.
Then gently massage the lips with the bristles of the tooth brush.
Then circulate softly for approximately 15 seconds.
Later wash & Rinse the lips and tooth-brush to clean it.
The Results are Smooth and plump lips.
Use a lip Plumper
First, you can use a lip plumper. There are many available cosmetic counters. Most of these products are brushed or applied onto the lips and contain a mild irritant that stimulates them, causing them to swell or enlarge. By using them, you may have a slight tingling sensation after application. However, lip enhancers can be expensive with the passage of time, although neither become so expensive as injections.
Use Natural Plump Gloss
You need to stimulate the tissue growth by using plump gloss. The natural solutions to stimulate tissue are black pepper and cinnamon. These spices moderately irritate your lips which causes it to swell which hails plump-type Angelina lips on a temporary basis.
The trick works like wonders. You will start to feel it since black pepper and cinnamon causes your lip to feel a tingling sensation. For people with sensitive lips it may sting but there is no danger of long-term discomfort at all. All this being said you can apply as much as you can; after all it is far better than lip injections.
Makeup tips for plump lips
First, define the outline of your lips with a pencil in a similar shade to your lips. Then smudge the pencil with a small brush.
The second beauty tips for lips is a thick paint with a light color, such as a pinkish beige.
Get some light shade, white or golden example, apply it to the center of the lips to enhance its thickness.
Cover your lips with a thin layer of shiny gloss. This beauty tip will cause the light is reflected into your thick lips.
The latest beauty tips for a thick, full lips is to wet a thin brush and apply a bit of shadow pink-pearl on the curve that forms in the center of the upper lip.

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