Everyone's body is different, I am sure you will agree. All bodies look different, smell different, work different, move different, etc... Why would you train like someone who is genetically gifted to be a bodybuilder, if you are genetically gifted to be a Kenyan endurance runner? It does not work. Let me explain how you can better target your daily routine to your body type.

What is a Body Type?
A body type describes how easily it is for you to gain and lose, fat and muscle. Some people are just predisposed to being large, like Ronnie Coleman for instance. While others tend to stay skinny no matter what they do. Let us get into the details. There are three kinds of body types; ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph.
Understanding Your Body Type Amazing Tips
Ectomorph Body Type
Ectomorphs usually refer to themselves as hard-gainers, which means that in order for Ectomorphs to gain muscle, it takes significant hard work, dedication, and lots of food. These folks usually carry very low levels of bodyfat, tend to have smaller muscles, and often have a smaller skeletal structure.
Training for Ectomorphic Body Type
Ectomorphs should be lifting heavy weights. That is all there is to it. These guys need to build a strong core, a strong foundation, upon which to build the physique they desire. Compound exercises with a rep range from 3-5 should be used to facilitate strength gains. After a stable base is built, Ectomorphs will want to incorporate hypertrophy training, which is about 8-10 reps of slightly more isolationist exercises, like seated dumbbell shoulder press, or dumbbell bench press, single arm triceps extensions, perhaps single-leg extensions, and maybe a few curls. Since maximal intensity is needed during sets, and since stored ATP should be replenished as much as possible, rest periods between exercises should last about 2 minutes.
Diet for Ectomorphic Body Type
You skinny bastards have metabolisms faster than a bullet. If you are not eating, you should be. When you are not hungry, eat. If you just ate and you are full, eat some more or drink some milk or a protein shake. Pick the high calorie, high protein, healthier foods, and constantly be eating. Foods that are highest in healthy fats should provide the biggest bang for the buck since the Omega 3's and calories will go a long way to putting on some bulk. Try 95% fat free beef, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, and all-natural peanut better. Keep milk, yogurt, kidney beans, and fruit on hand for snacks. Protein bars are good too, if you can stomach them. I prefer Pure-Protein bars and Chef Jay's Trioplex.
Mesomorph Body Type
Mesomorph bodies are more inclined to gaining muscle mass quite easily. These folks are considered the 'genetically gifted' when it comes to bodybuilding. They are not necessarily easy gainers, but they are definitely not hardgainers either. Mesomorph body types are very athletic looking and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. These are the guys that people refer to as jacked, ripped, and cut; and they usually walk with good posture. Mesomorphs can build muscle faster than Ectomorphs and can also lose fat much faster than Endomorphs, as long as they eat and train properly.
Training for the Mesomorphic Body Type
The best form of training for a Mesomorph would be heavy weight lifting utilizing maximal force. This would include the kind of explosive training found in powerlifting and Olympic lifting. Different exercises should be utilized in each and every training session targeting every muscle in the body with heavy weights to increase size and strength. Full body training probably works best for Mesomorphs since they can recover quickly and adapt to traditional training programs easily. Cardio should still be performed, but kept to a maximum of 2 sessions a week. This will keep the heart and lungs healthy, and the fat at bay, while not impeding muscle growth. 30-40 minutes for each cardio session is ideal. Intensity should be kept at a high intensity to focus more on the fat burning process rather than the chance of minimizing muscle mass. Interval sprints and other explosive exercises should be mandatory.
Diet for the Mesomorphic Body Type
For the mesomorph, a balanced diet should be maintained. A 30/30/40 balance of protein/fat/carbs should be utilized. This will give the trainee a full supply of nutrients and enough diverse calories to facilitate muscle growth and to maintain a lean physique.
Endomorph Body Type
'Hey fatty, having trouble getting lean?' You don't want to say this to an endomorph because most likely he is stronger than you and will either crush you with his fist or sit on you. This body type is more likely to gain fat but is also more likely to be big, strong, and large boned. Endomorphs usually have a soft and squashy appearance, and they have much tougher time losing fat than the other two body types. The most can be made of this body type with a dedicated workout routine, and a dedicated nutrition plan. It is not that bad to be a big fat guy, as long as you know how to turn it into a jacked, ripped, son of a bitch through diet and exercise.
Training for the Endomorphic Body Type
Weight training should be kept to a higher rep range for most workouts. I recommend 1-2 complexes per week with several exercises strung together and little rest between sets. An example of a complex might be a deadlift into a hang clean into a push press into a back squat into a rear push press, and back to the floor. This will train for endurance, strength, and will keep the metabolism elevated. Endomorphs will still want to dedicate one day a week, one week a month, or two months a year, to serious strength training. The majority of the training though, should focus on the 8-12 rep range. Cardio is a big plus for endomorphs. 3-4 sessions of cardio per week is recommended, for 40-50 minutes at a time. At each cardio session, different types of cardio exercises should be utilized. Sprints, complexes, jumping rope, cycling, and kickboxing classes are all examples of decent cardio exercise.
Diet for the Endomorphic Body Type
It is best to eat about 7 or 8 small meals through the day. The key phrase here is SMALL MEALS. I am talking like 300-400 calorie meals. This type of eating increases your metabolism and your body burns additional calories when it is digesting food, so keeping your body in a constant state of digestion is a bonus. Concentrate more on protein and carbs, and keep fat to a bare minimum, especially saturated fats. Fats are the higher calorie nutrient and should be kept to only 20% of your overall diet.
Now that you know where you stand and have a better idea of how to train for your body type, I expect that you will examine your current diet and exercise plan. Make the changes that you need to make in order to maximize your efficiency, and get back in the gym! Be sure to contact me with any questions.
NOTE: While it is possible and rather common for an individual to be more than a single somatotype, such as Endo-Meso or Meso-Ecto, describing these combinations would be too lengthy an undertaking. This article will discuss only the three main somatotypes.
The Endomorph: Typically characterized by round body type. Endomorphs tend to look chubby, have a soft appearance, and carry more fat around the waistline. The soft appearance is due to higher body fat which hides the muscle shape. Endomorphs are the opposite of ectomorphs.
The Mesomorph: Characterized by a muscular body type. Mesomorphs tend to be muscular. They have large bones and solid joints. They often have well developed calves and forearms.
The Ectomorph: The Classic Ectomorph will exhibit a linear body type. Ectomorphs tend to look delicate. They are slender, generally have narrow shoulders, and have low body fat. Because of this, muscles may appear more developed than they actually are, as the shape of the muscle is not hidden by a large layer of fat.
The Ectomorph
Ectomorph If you are an Ectomorph (aka Hard Gainer) you are naturally:
- Fine boned

- Long limbed
- Narrow-waisted
- Weak and Skinny
- Unlikely to gain muscle easily or in larger quantities
As a rule the Ectomorph presents as an individual with extreme difficulty developing muscle though they often appear “muscular” due to the difficulty the Ecto has in creating and storing bodyfat. In many cases this can be attributed to a hyperactive (faster working) thyroid. For this reason, Ecto’s have to eat a lot of calories to maintain their weight which can make gaining weight, even a pound or two, a monumental task if not tackled properly.
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Diet Tips for the Ectomorph:

  • In order to gain weight, Ectomorph’s have to take in many more calories than other body types. Otherwise, their fast metabolism causes them to burn off any muscle gains. Ectomorphs benefit from diets high in carbohydrates, proteins and moderate in fat. The intake of carbohydrates in proportion to protein should be approximately 1:2 in ratio.
  • The Ectomorph may have to eat substantially more than they are comfortable with – this changes as the body adapts and begins to absorb all of the extra food.
  • To put on muscle fast, the Ectomorph should take in anywhere from .75 grams to 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. The ectomorph's composition is naturally lean, and they therefore need more protein per pound than endomorphs in order to maintain their muscle-mass.
  • The Ectomorph desiring to gain muscle-mass also requires extra protein for the muscle's building blocks. For ectomorphs wishing to pack on muscle, both protein and creatine supplements are highly recommended.
  • The tricky spot for the Ectomorph is understanding that simply because they can eat a bucket of fried chicken they shouldn’t. It is not impossible for an ectomorph to gain fat, it is simply difficult. Hiding what muscle an Ecto does have under a blanket of fat will only compound their physique issues.
  • Eat breakfast every day. Make no exceptions. A large breakfast will go a long way toward feeing the Ecto’s naturally fast metabolism while still leaving some nutrients to grow with.
  • Eat every two, to 2-1/2 hours. This will enable the Ecto to ingest enough calories throughout the course of the day to overwhelm the caloric needs of their speedy metabolism and fuel their bodies attempt at growth.
  • Do not be afraid to graze. With the metabolic rate most Ecto’s possess it may be necessary to snack between meals. This is acceptable provided the snack foods aren’t fried or heavily processed snacks like chips or cookies.
  • A hard gainer should eat a high carb diet. Focus on the complex carbs that provide long term energy to fuel the Ecto’s naturally fast metabolism - keep simple carbs to a minimum. Wholegrain breads, oats, pastas, rice and polenta are excellent choices.
  • Keep peanut butter or raw nuts or fruit or protein bars or protein shakes handy for healthy, energy packed fast food.
  • Hydration is especially important for Ectomorphs due to their high metabolism. 2 to 3 liters of water daily are essential when working out strenuously.
Workout Tips for Ectomorphs:
Train heavy, but not long or often. No more than 1 hour in the gym 3 times a week is how to build muscle fast. Training for extended durations will bite into the fuel needed for muscle growth and could actually cause the Ectomorph to burn off lean mass.
Avoid lengthy cardio sessions. Overdoing cardio can be highly detrimental to the Ectomorphs quest to gain weight/muscle.
Ectomorph training should be heavy and they should focus on gaining muscle mass. They should do lot of power movements and take more calories than they are used to.
Most trainers and experts will recommend a combination of two to three exercises per body part, consisting of 3-4 sets of each, with 6-10 repetitions for maximum and lasting effect.
Opt for heavy-weight workouts where all the muscles are used and exercised. Multi joint exercises such as squats, bench press and bent-over rows are essential for a total body workout routine.
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Body Shape (Horizontal Shape)
This body shape classification is based on the measurements of your horizontal proportions so the easiest way to determine this is to measure your full bust (no.2 below), natural waist (no.3 – smallest part, not sucking it in!) and your hips (no.5 – around your bottom at the widest point)
You may find that you don’t fit neatly into the 5 categories below and that’s perfectly fine. Often you can have a primary and secondary body shape but the key is to pay attention to the tips for both body types.
Rectangle body shape / straight figure
This is actually the most common body type and a relatively easy shape to dress in terms of balancing proportions.
How do I know if I have a rectangle body shape?
Your hips and bust are balanced but your waist is not very defined
Your waist measures 1′ to 8′ smaller than your bust
Your legs are shapely and one of your best assets
Your bottom is more flat than round
You tend to gain weight in your torso first then upper thighs and arms
Understanding Body Shapes
It's a simple fact: not everyone has the Barbie shape we are often led to believe is "normal." I mean, good grief who actually looks like that? No one! Something you'll need to come to terms with is that we all have different body shapes and that's okay. There are ways to flatter your body shape and those ways may differ from someone else's but that doesn't mean that your body shape is "bad" or "wrong"we're all just different. And thank goodness we're different because otherwise things sure would be boring.
There are a few different body shapes including slender, short, tall, stocky, big (not to be confused with fat), petite, and a myriad of other "classifications." The key to looking good is understanding your body shape and dressing to flatter that particular shape. Granted, some shapes are easier to work with than others, but everything is possible and you just need to know the right tactics to take. For a slender body shape for instance, most things can work. You'll want clothing that accentuates length. Choose pants that elongate the leg and fitted tops. Most styles can flatter this body type.

  • If your body type is more compact, the first thing to keep in mind is to find clothes that fit. This tip actually goes with any body type and should always be followed. Regardless of whether you're a size four or a size ten, you need to wear clothes that flatter your shape otherwise nothing will look good. You may have to get some clothes tailored or something to make them fit well, but it will always be worth it to wear clothes that fit. For those more stocky body shapes, find clothes that are fitted, but not tight. You don't want your clothes to accentuate those not-so-flattering areas, but you also don't want to be hiding in your clothes. You can find clothing that doesn't draw unnecessary attention, but also is fitted and make you look good.
  • Other things to keep in mind when understanding your body shape are attitude and exercise. You need to have a positive outlook your body and be happy with who are physically. Exercise is always key. You need to keep up your body type whatever that may be and you do that through exercise. That way you can achieve and maintain and optimal form for your body shape.
  • Looking good is by no means impossible and just takes some time and effort on your part. Go shopping for an afternoon and take the time to try on clothes, get someone else's opinion (you may want to even ask the opinion of the store clerk for a truly objective perspective), and don't be afraid to buy something great or turn down something mediocre. The key to understanding body shapes is knowing that there isn't a standard body type and that you can best enhance your body shape through clothes that fit, regular exercise, and of course confidence!

lifestyle tips
If you are a predominantly constitution it may be helpful to incorporate the following adjustments into your life.

  • Irregular eating, sleeping, exercising, working times
  • Frequent drastic changes in climate and environment
  • Situations that threaten your security and serenity
  • Over activity whether it be work, exercise or socialising
  • Excessive intake of stimulants such as caffeine, sugar, alcohol, recreational drugs.
  • Too many foods that are either raw, cold, dry, bitter, pungent or astringent.
  • Exposure to cold, dry and windy weather
  • Fasting or stringent dietary restrictions.

  • Regulated eating, sleeping, exercising and working hours
  • Pleasantly warm and moist climates
  • Supportive friends and a calming living and working environment
  • Moderation in all things.(including talking, working, exercising)
  • Warming essential oils such as musk, wintergreen, lemongrass
  • Earthing and energising colours such as brown, maroon, yellow and orange
  • Daily meditation, yoga nidra and self massage
  • Foods that are cooked, lidoqur, warm, sweet, sour and salty.


  • Vigorous exercise and challenging endeavours
  • Sharing abundance and joy with others
  • Positive change and risk taking
  • Food that is light, low fat, pungent, astringent and bitter.
  • Skipping meals when not hungry
  • Rising in the early morning
  • Learning new and stimulating things
  • Cinnamon, clove, cedar and juniper essential oils
  • Rich and warming colours with patterns
  • Your predicament is shared by countless women. Petite-size women suffer from a dearth of not only shoes, but apparel, too. Plain and simple, the economy has caused retailers to analyze the profit margins of categories of inventory in relation to floor space. The yield in profits in the petite category is smaller (forgive the pun). 
Control Issues
"I'm pear-shaped a size 6 on bottom and 4 on top. I love dress trousers, but when I wear my Spanx under them, they make my crotch look lower and my pants gap up. What am I doing wrong?"
I'm a big fan of Spanx and Spanx-like body-shaping products. They help downplay the little extra something that we would like to go away. But in the case of your dress pants, I believe that your Spanx may be fighting you. Wear Spanx panties or high-rise body shapers that don't include your thighs. If you still see lines at the demarcation of the Spanx, then your dress pants may be too tight. You should be able to just slide your hand but no more  inside the waistband. If you can't, then it's a fit issue.
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