Ginger best for its use in the Cold and Flu but it has many positive benefits. Ginger root contains a very high level of antioxidants. Ginger has the ability to induce cell death (apoptosis) and suppress certain protein.
Stimulation of the digestive system and relief from Gas. Relief from Nausea, helps Lower Cholesterol, relief of Migraine and headache, helps Stop Diarrhea, aid in Fat Metabolism and promotes Circulation. The green smoothie as an aid to bodybuilding diet nutrients, and is high in fiber, low-calorie and rich in vitamins. Drinking this every morning is great and feeling of energy.
  Beat Health Benefits of Ginger for Body.

Ginger has been used as a natural remedy for many ailments.ginger works wonders in the treatment of everything from cancer to migraines.
Ginger powder induces cell death in all ovarian cancer cells to which it was applied.
Ginger’s antihistamine property helps in treating allergies.

Ginger has been shown to be an effective remedy for the nausea associated with motion sickness.
Ginger has long been used as a natural heartburn remedy. It is most often taken in the form of tea for this purpose.

Diabetic rats found that those rats given ginger had a reduced incidence of diabetic homeopathy.

Ginger, with its strong and spicy aroma, has its own place in Indian cuisine. It may be used fresh or dried, powdered or pickled or in the form of juice or oil. Ginger tea, the classic Indian household favorite
It is also known to inhibit airway contraction and help stimulate the secretion of mucus. It is the herb of choice for persistent cough and sore throat associated with colds.

A teaspoon of ginger juice with honey is effective against sore throat. And ginger tea is an all-time favorite to get rid of congestion in the throat and nose. Fresh ginger juice mixed with greenback and honey is excellent during asthma.
Calm in your upset stomach with ginger. Its ruminative property provides relief from bloating and gas and helps reduce flatulence. Here are some tips to keep flatulence away.

The analgesic and anti-inflammatory property of ginger may help reduce joint pain of arthritis in some people. To help relieve muscle and joint ache, add some ginger oil into your bath.

Best Ginger Juice for Body.
1/2 Cup boiled Spinach For Antioxidants
3-4 Celery Stalks For Metabolism
4-5 Dates for Energy
1/2 Lime For Detox1 Cup Water or Coconut Juice  
1/5 Ginger root For Testosterone
1 tsp Spirulina powder Optional. For Antioxidants
1 Banana For Bulking stage only
1 Apple for Iron
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