The Jujube tree is considered to be a small tree even though it grows up to 10 meters (or almost 33 feet) high. It has thorny branches and it’s usually grown for shading purposes. If you expect your Jujube tree to provide lots of good fruits make sure to plant it in a hot sunny place and with sufficient water source.
Jujube fruit can be enjoyed raw as it is, dried, smoked, canned, pickled, or juiced. People eat these fruits in different kinds of ways like with tea, with pickles, as a jam, or as a snack by themselves. Before you decide to try some Jujube let’s look at its nutrients and benefits. So, 100 grams of Raw Jujube contains:
Jujube fruit has got powerful health advantages. It’s got soothing qualities and is also an excellent source of natural anti-oxidants.
Usage and also dosage of the jujube fruit completely depends upon the seriousness of the medical problem that is being managed. However, 10 gm to 30 gm is the perfect quantity of jujube fruit extract that should be ingested by the affected individual.
Amazing Jujube Nutrients and Health Benefits
Cancer Treatment
In accordance with the National Center for Biotechnology, juice through the jujube fruit is shown to have got cytotoxic action on various tumor lines. A report demonstrated that the amount of viable cells have been reduced after treatment method. These types of advantages have been related to, amongst other things, the jujube’s high-content of bioactive compounds.
Studies carried out more than a 20 year period have demonstrated bioactive compounds to play a crucial role within the protection against long-term illnesses.
Antioxidant Properties
Jujube fruit is additionally an anti-oxidant along with re-energizing qualities. It has the capability to assist clear up the skin.
Blood Purification
The dried fruits of the jujube consist of saponin, alkaloids and also triterpenoids. These 3 substances are all valuable in cleaning the blood, and also as a guide to digestion of food.
Jujube is a shrub or small tree. The fruit is used to make medicine.
Jujube is used for improving muscular strength and weight, for preventing liver diseases and stress ulcers, and as a sedative. Jujube is also used for various skin conditions including dry and itchy skin, purpura, wounds, and ulcers; digestive problems including lack of appetite and diarrhea; and circulatory problems including high blood pressure and anemia. Other uses are for fatigue, hysteria, fever, inflammation, asthma, and eye diseases.
In foods, jujube is used in a variety of recipes.
In manufacturing, jujube extracts are used in skin care products to reduce redness and swelling, wrinkles and dryness; and for relief from sunburn.
How does it work?
Jujube might help protect the body against certain types of liver damage. It might also help increase body weight
Health Benefits of Jujube Fruit
When you hear the word jujube, a colorful, fruit-flavored candy may come to mind, but there's also a pitted tree fruit called the jujube, which is grown primarily in Asia. In China, during the Dragon Boat Festival, people eat a dessert called "zongzi," which consists of a jujube inside a ball of sweet rice wrapped up in bamboo leaves. The ceremony also calls for throwing jujubes into the river, but you might be better off just eating them.
Weight Control
If you are trying to lose weight or maintain your current weight but you're bored with snacking on peaches and oranges, jujube fruit can help. Each 2-ounce serving of raw jujube, about four fruits, has only 44 calories and practically no fat but gives you 1/2 gram of protein. It is light and refreshing, adding variety and an apple-like flavor to your diet without expanding your waistline.
Vitamin C and Niacin
Jujube fruit can boost your immune system and helps keep you looking young. A serving of raw jujube gives you 39 milligrams of vitamin C, more than half of the amount that the Institute of Medicine recommends you get daily. Raw jujube fruit also may help speed your metabolism. Each serving has 0.5 milligram of niacin, a B-complex vitamin that helps you to convert food to energy and helps keep your blood pumping efficiently, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center.
Antioxidant Flavonoids
You get even more antioxidant benefits from the pigments in jujube fruit, or its flavonoids. Each 100 grams of jujube fruit, about seven fruits, gives you 3 milligrams of catechins, which act as antioxidants. Catechins may also help keep you sharp and thinking clearly, according to researchers who published a study in the "Journal of Neuroscience" in 2012. They noted that giving mice catechin-rich diets made them better at learning and remembering
Although jujube fruit isn't a great source of essential minerals, it gives you a small dose of them. Each serving has 12 milligrams of calcium and 13 milligrams of phosphorus, helping your bones stay strong. It also gives you 6 milligrams of magnesium, which helps your muscles contract and can make you appear more toned. Jujube has 140 milligrams of potassium, which works against sodium to help keep your blood pressure low. Even better, jujube fruit is low in sodium with only 2 milligrams per serving.
Dried Jujube Fruit
Good things come in small packages, and dried jujube is no exception. An ounce of dried jujube fruit is low in vitamin C, but it has twice as much phosphorus and calcium as 2 ounces of raw jujubem, and it also has a higher concentration of flavonoids. Read labels and buy microwaved-dried or freeze-dried jujube fruit. These varieties have more antioxidants than sun-dried or oven-dried jujube, according to researchers from a study published in "Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry" in 2012.
In jujubes ripen from late summer to early fall. The fresh fruits only have a shelf-life of about one week, so you might have trouble finding them in the produce aisle. Look for products containing dried jujubes or jujube juice instead. You can also find jujube extract supplements and teas that deliver concentrated benefits.
Better yet, why not plant jujube trees in your backyard? The trees are among the easiest fruit trees to grow, and thrive in warm, sunny locations in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 6 through 10. Once you know about all the benefits they offer, you’ll definitely want a few trees of your own.
The Health Benefits of Jujube Fruit
High Levels of Antioxidants
Jujube fruits have more vitamin C than any citrus fruits and they contain at least flavonoids, or phytonutrients known to strengthen the immune system and reduce damage from free radicals. The flavonoid, apigenin, has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties, while puerarin has been shown to lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
Anxiety Reducing Compounds
Jujube seeds have been found to contain spinosin and swertish, two compounds which have sedative properties. The compound, jujuboside A, affects the hippocampus portion of the brain, which controls emotional responses. Jujube extracts have been shown to effectively relieve anxiety and insomnia, according to Nutraceutical Research.
Overall Health
Jujubes contain over 18 amino acids, which promote healing and build tissue in the body. These tiny fruits are high in fiber, carbohydrates, and a wide variety of nutrients for energy and overall health.
Protects the Liver
The Journal of Ethnopharmacology documented in April 2009 that jujubes have got a optimistic impact on the liver. They discovered that the jujube provides safety from liver injury through serving as an anti-oxidant. Oxidative stress, in accordance with NetDoctor, is the procedure through which free-radicals adversely affect the entire body, leading to disease as well as aging. Anti-oxidants attract up the free-radicals and also counteract their effects. Thankfully, jujubes consist of substances which help combat this oxidative injury.
Strengthen Bones
Strengthen Bones is definitely the 2nd advantages of Jujube Fruit, exactly why? Simply because this fruit has got some really good nourishment for the bones just like Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron as well as others. All of these nourishment are great for bone, might help us to obtain more powerful bones. Therefore, if you wish to get stronger and powerful bones, you have to attempt to consume Jujube Fruit
  • Jujube fruit also known as Bair and Pakistan berry is grown vastly in India and Pakistan. The history of jujube is 4000 years old and evidence of its use as a fruit and medication have been vastly found. There are three main types of jujube found in the Indian subcontinent; Takhmi, Paywandi and Jhari.
  • Tahkmi jujube is of circular shape with red color and is usually grown in houses and small farms. It tastes both, sweet and sour. Paywandi jujube is little green in colour and are sweet in taste. They are grown on commercial scale, are larger in size and widely sold across the region as a popular summer fruit. Jhari bair grows on infertile soil and is mostly found in forests. Its taste is sour. Other minor types of jujube found in India are Narma, Karaka, Umri, Gola, Kheera and Khoto. Jujube is an important minor fruit of India, it is also imported from India to throughout the world and fetches its’ farmers a good price.
  • In terms of medication, it can be called a sibling of apple because of the advantages it has. Jujube can be eaten in any form, fresh, dried or canned. All types of jujube trees are capable of growing in any type of soil without soil fertility being the basic factor. They grow best in hot, dry and humid weather. Jujube trees don’t require any care or excessive watering. Surprisingly jujube contains equal nutrients to that of apples and some jujube also taste like an apple. Jujube is a rich source of Vitamin C and sugar. Jujube tree helps to cure sore throats due to its soreness. It also helps to improve stamina and strength.
  • Jujube is an important anti-toxicant and is used by Muslims to give the last bath to the dead. It keeps insects and reptiles away from the body of the deceased still keeping the body soft. Washing head with its leaves cleans the head from all sorts of infections.
  • The potent chemical extracted from jujubes, jujuboside A, affects the hippocampus in the brain and is often used as a natural sleep aid. Jujubes can be used to treat both insomnia and anxiety. Jujube extract proves to be a natural alternative to prescription sedatives and anxiolytics.
  • Improves Immune Function
  • Antioxidants help defend the body from damaging free radicals. These free radicals interact with cells, damage vital components and may trigger diseases and aging. Because jujubes contain a large amount of antioxidants, they can help improve the immune system and overall health. They have a strengthening effect and contain plenty of phytochemicals, according to the aforementioned African Journal of Biotechnology article. 
  • Their impressive nutritional content also includes a notable amount of vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin B2. Jujubes also contain vital minerals, such as manganese, iron, phosphorus and calcium. These elements work synergistically to create general health and well being and bolster the immune system.
Jujube health benefits
Jujubes are rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, carotene, B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin P, calcium, phosphorus, iron, cyclic adenosine monophosphate, and other nutrients. And now let’s take a look at what is jujube fruit good for?
Streamlining Blood Circulation
Iron, and also Phosphorus inside Jujube Fruit may also assist you in getting nutritious blood, and also streamlining the circulation of blood. Healthy Blood might help us to avoid several blood problem.
Treats insomnia
In case you are having problems obtaining sufficient quantities of sleep throughout the night, then the jujube fruit is easily the most appropriate choice. Scientific tests reveal that boiling or even heating the jujube seed just before usage raises their effectiveness and could be utilized as a good remedy for sleep problems.
Since jujube consists of complicated carbohydrates, it’s not suitable for individuals with diabetes as it might probably aggravate their situation.
More about Jujube Fruit
History of jujube Fruit:
It is considered to be indigenous to North Africa and also Syria, however transferred east through India to China, exactly where it’s been grown for more than 4,000 years. The tree can easily reach a height of 5-12 m, along with shiny-green leaves, and infrequently thorns. The numerous discreet flowers are tiny, greenish or even white, and provide an olive-sized fruit which is a drupe.
Jujube is really a component of Chinese medicine for around 2,500 years and is also described within the Classic of Odes, a 6th century BCE anthology of Chinese poetry. The fruit features a enjoyable flavor and high nutrients and vitamins, and is also usually accustomed to hide boring medications.
Mostly ignored in the West, Europeans and also Asians recognize jujube like a beneficial medicinal herb. Gerard, within the 17th century, retained that the herb was a fantastic tonic for all those areas of the body, particularly the lungs and also kidneys.
Nutritive value of Jujube Fruit
100 gm. of jujube fruit contain:
* Calories – 79
* Total Fat – 0.2 gm.
* Saturated Fat – 0
* Cholesterol – 0
* Sodium – 3 mg
* Total Carbohydrates – 20.2 (7%) gm
* Protein – 1.2 gm (2%)
* Vitamin A – 1%
* Vitamin C – 115%
* Thiamin – 1%
* Riboflavin – 2%
* Niacin – 4%
* Vitamin B6 – 4%
* Iron – 3%
* Calcium – 2%
* Potassium – 7%
* Magnesium – 2%
* Phosphorus – 2%
* Copper – 4%
* Manganese – 4%
  • Jujube fruits may also be packed with 18 out from the 24 essential amino acids. Through the above statistics, it really is secure to summarize that jujube fruit is extremely lower in sodium and also cholesterol and it’s also an excellent method of obtaining vitamin C. It really is loaded with numerous minerals and vitamins.
  • On top of that listed here are a lot more health advantages provided by Jujube fruit
  • The unripe fruit raises thirst, reduces expectoration and also biliousness.
  • Because of mucilaginous property of the fruit, it serves as herbal medication to deal with a sore throat.
  • As this particular fruit has lots of vitamin A, C and also potassium, it fortifies the defense mechanisms of the body. As a result it can be useful for protection against common colds and also cough.
  • It works well for the development and also maintenance of the bloodstream, body hormones, bones, muscles, skin, hair, body enzymes and also neurotransmitters.
  • It has calming impact on the nervous system and also provides a natural tranquilizer.
  • It reduces anxiety and stress.
  • Jujube fruit assists reduce blood pressure level.
  • Jujube fruit improves your defense mechanisms.
  • Jujube helps heal a number of the liver diseases. It really is discovered that the jujube provides safety from liver injury by serving as an anti-oxidant.
  • Jujube fruit is utilized to deal with anemia and purpura.
  • It has got anti-oxidant qualities. Therefore it assists in slowing down the entire process of aging.
  • One of the most basic jujube fruit advantages would it be prevents the growth and motion of free-radicals. Vitamin C is a great anti-oxidant and enables to manage the development of the tumor leading to cells and cells that may result in cancers.
  • The berries are blood cleanser as well as a help to digestion of food.
  • The ripe fruit is sweet, sour, and it has taste, bad for digestion; leads to diarrhea in large doses.
  • When jujube extract is coupled with particular herbs just like ginger, licorice, and also mint, it calms aching throat muscles.
  • The jujube extract is advantageous in charge of cold and flu (fever).
  • It has got anti-carcinogenic qualities.
  • According to the current research, water extract of the jujube fruit was discovered efficient for suppressing the tumor causing cells and also cells that may result in leukemia.
  • Jujube extracts may also be utilized to produce skin care items to cut back facial lines, dry skin, redness, swelling as well as for rest from sun burn.
  • An additional jujube fruit benefit consists of:
  • The dried ripe fruit is really a gentle laxative and also expectorant.
  • The fruit seed is astringent; tonic to the heart and also brain; allays thirst.
  • The seed is surely an assist to digestion.
  • The alkaloids as well as other chemical substances contained in the jujube seed can assist you eliminate anxiety and offer anti-oxidant safety to cells.
  • The seeds may also be documented to get a sedative effect and also suggested like a soporific.
  • An ointment made from the seeds with a few boring oil is locally utilized like a liniment in rheumatism.
  • The plant is recognized to get anti tubercular qualities.
  • They may also be recommended to prevent vomiting and nausea as well as for rest from stomach pain during pregnancy.
  • They may also be offered just as one remedy to aconite poisoning, and utilized in poultices along with other uses for wounds.
  • The seeds may also be used in the treating of looseness of the bowels.
  • For its fresh as well as sweet smell, many individuals just like keeping jujube leaves and also flowers within their houses to keep the bugs along with other insects aside.
  • Jujube fruits may also be discovered beneficial in the treating of itchiness that is brought on by numerous skin conditions, anxiety.
  • It serves as energy enhancer in cases of exhaustion, lack of energy and also insufficient hunger.
  • Therefore, include this particular low-calorie fruit in your daily diet and enjoy a number of jujube fruit advantages.
How to select Jujube fruit
Choose jujubes which are fresh and also blemish-free fruit. The jujube needs to be the size of an olive or even tiny date and really should be heavy because of its size. A more mature jujube will probably be wrinkled.
How to Store Jujube fruit
Jujubes can keep within the fridge forever. Put them within an air-tight package.
Ways of Serving Jujube fruit
Jujubes could be consumed fresh, cooked, dried out, or even candied. Cook jujubes since you would dates. Make use of them stuffing’s, sauces, and soups or perhaps in desserts or perhaps converted to compotes or jams.
  • The jujube be is usually consumed out of hand like a snack and is also occasionally offered along with tea.
  • In Persian food, the dried jujube is recognized as annab.
  • If you purchase dried out jujubes, saturate them within water prior to using them. Chinese cooks utilize jujubes both in sweet and delicious recipe
  • Using Jujubes
  • If you’re able to find fresh jujubes, eat them as a delicious snack. Otherwise, keep dried jujubes on hand for snacking. Keep in mind, though, that the dried jujubes have more sugar and calories than the fresh ones. One-half cup of fresh jujubes has about 79 calories and 20 grams of carbohydrate. The same amount of dried jujubes has 287 calories and 74 grams of carbohydrate.
  • You may also want to add supplements that contain jujube extract to your diet to relieve anxiety or insomnia, or to build overall health. Check with your doctor before using jujube extract supplements, especially if you are taking prescription medications, which may interact with jujube supplements.
  • Want to learn more about the health benefits of jujubes?
  • Check out these helpful resources:
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