Sweating is the natural process of the body through which, it releases its toxins, but what if that natural course of action becomes deviant by becoming a disorder. Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is one such disorder that is out of the ordinary and so atypical that it can even embarrass you. So, before you face some more trouble because of excessive sweating, get rid of it by following the below given home remedies.
Sweating is the natural mechanism to control our body temperature. However, some people sweat more than all others. They might be suffering from a condition called hyperhidrosis due to their hyperactive sweat glands. While heredity can be one of the causes for this condition, there are many others that include hormonal issues, infection, prone to stress, anxiety etc. Hyperhidrosis may be generalized meaning all your body sweats a lot or it may affect some parts only such as palms, underarms, feet, and groin. Although this condition of excessive sweating is not dangerous but is embarrassing and of course uncomfortable. It also leaves you with unpleasant body odor. You may opt to use certain home remedies for sweating to address your discomfort.
Excessive Sweating Effective Treatment Tips

Causes of Excessive Sweating

Various reasons that can shove your body to sweat in excess can be:

Excess weight
Hormonal fluctuations
Anxiety disorder
Heart or lung disease
Parkinson’s disease
Heart failure
Over-the-counter medication
Alcohol abuse
Respiratory problems
Injury in the spinal cord
Symptoms of Excessive Sweating

A number of signs and symptoms, which can make out that the person is suffering from hyperhidrosis, are:

Wet and moist palms and soles
Visible sweating that even drenches the clothes
Discoloration of the affected area
Maceration of the skin
Foot odour
Cracking and scaling of the skin
 Excessive Sweating

Tips to Prevent Excessive Sweating

Drink a lot of water.
Don’t take the stress.
Bring down your caffeine intake.
Avoid using harsh deodorant or soap.
Avoid taking hot baths.
Shun hot drinks.
Stave off from alcohol, drugs and cigarettes.
Avoid eating sugary, spicy and chemically-processed foodstuff.
Shave the underarms and groin areas to prevent excessive sweating.
Wear clothes made of natural fibres, like cotton. Avoid synthetic fabrics, like nylons and polyesters.
Wear loose fitting clothes.
Reduce that extra flab.
Try to keep the temperature of your body cool.

 Drink Lots of Water and Other Fluids
One of the tasks of sweating is to maintain body temperature and keep you cool. Another task is to get the toxins out of the body. If you drink a lots of water, you help your body in maintaining its cool temperature and also in flushing out toxins through urine. Therefore, your body needs to produce less sweat. Water also keeps you calm and composed when there occurs stressful situations. Stress, as you know, is one of the major causes for sweating. It is therefore a good idea to drink a lots of water. Why only water, you should actually have other fluids too so that you can replenish the minerals that you lose through sweating along with toxins. Some of the drinks that you can have along with water can be found in the following list.

Fruit Juices
Coconut water
Lemon juice
Herbal tea (cold or iced is better when it comes to sweating)

Wheatgrass Juice
A glass of wheatgrass juice a day is an effective remedy for treating the problem of excessive sweating. Wheatgrass juice neutralizes the acids in the body and is a rich source of vitamin B6, protein, vitamin C, folic acid, and vitamin B12.

Tannic Acid
Tea is the prominent source of tannic acid. Steep some tea bags in the boiling water. When the water cools down, immerse your palms in it. This is a superb remedy if you face a lot of perspiration in your palms.

Witch Hazel
This herb is a great astringent and antiperspirant, which gently dries up the sweating area. Tea made up of this natural herb can also be used.

Coconut Oil-Baking Soda Deodorant
You now know the benefits of baking soda as well as coconut oil in combating sweat and its odor. If you feel its a little cumbersome to mix the ingredients every time you need to apply it (and thats daily, even more than once daily!), why not make a deodorant using these ingredients and store it to use it daily just like you have been using those commercially available deodorants and antiperspirants. Here’s the recipe for you.

Get this:

Coconut oil- 3 tsp
Baking soda- 3 tsp
Shea butter- 2 tsp
Arrowroot powder (optional)- 2 tsp
Any essential oil- few drops

Tea Tree Oil
Thin layers of tea tree oil can be applied to the high perspiring areas. Tea tree oil has natural astringents, which will give you the desired results within a few days of using it.

Eating grapes every day can soothe out the problem of extreme sweating. It has natural antioxidants and it balances the temperature of the body.

Mix a tablespoon of salt with lime juice and massage your hands with this mix. It will decelerate the activities of sweat glands and will cure excessive sweating.

Tomato Juice for Sweating
Along with all its goodness due to its antioxidants, tomatoes are also astringent that help shrink pores. It also has cooling effects. Having tomato juice is a folk remedy for sweating but it seems to work well in reducing sweating as experimented by many people. Just have 1-2 glasses fresh tomato juice daily for a week. Thereafter you may reduce the amount and have it on alternate days. You will yourself notice the difference in the amount of your perspiration.

Black Tea for Feet Sweating
Tea has tannic acid in it. This acid has anti-perspirant and astringent properties. The astringent properties make the sweat glands constrict so that they may not transport much sweat to the outer skin. On the other hand, anti-perspirant properties reduce perspiration. While you can always wet tea bags and hold them under arms to control armpit sweating, tea bags actually make a great foot soak to get you rid of feet sweating.

Get this:

Black tea bags- 1-2
Hot water- 1 liter

Do this:
Fill a foot bath basin with hot water.
Place the tea bags into the water.
Let them steep till the time water gets warm enough to soak feet.
Soak your feet in this water for 20-30 minutes.

Have Magnesium Rich Foods to Reduce Sweating
Deficiency of magnesium too sometimes lead to profuse sweating. On the other hand, excessive sweating continuously for longer hours everyday may also lead to deficiency of magnesium in your body. It is like a vicious cycle. Therefore, have magnesium rich foods because this mineral also helps regulate body temperature. It also decreases anxiety which is yet another cause of sweating. You may also opt for magnesium supplements after consulting your doctor. Here is a list of some foods rich in magnesium that you can add to your daily diet.

Green leafy vegetables
Whole grains

 Tea Tree Oil for Sweating
Tea tree oil is an excellent natural astringent and an anti-fungal agent too. Therefore, it is extensively recommended by herbalists to control foot sweating. You just need to apply a little oil where you sweat more.

Do this:

Take a little tea tree oil in a cotton ball.
Apply on your sweat prone body areas like armpits, back of the neck, feet, face, groin area, inner elbows and behind the knees etc.
If you find it too strong, dilute the oil with water. You can add 4-5 drops of oil to half a cup of water and then use this solution in the same way.

Deodorant for Sweating
Commercially available deodorants are loaded with chemicals that may harm your skin. And they are not meant for people who perspire a lot making them ineffective most of the time. The solution lies in making your own deodorant at home with baking soda as the main ingredient. You have known in the previous remedy how effective baking soda is in controlling sweat. When mixed with a fragrant essential oil, they may also keep you refreshing for the whole day.

Get this:

Baking Soda- 1 tsp
Any essential oil (like lavender/lemon/vanilla etc.)- 3-4 drops
Water- few drops

Do this:

Mix water with baking soda to get a thick paste like consistency.
Add your choice of essential oil to this.
Apply this to your armpits.
You may or may not wash it off after 15-20 minutes.

Lemon for Sweaty Armpits
Lemons have been traditionally used to control sweating. Its citric acid eliminates bacteria and its pleasant fragrance works as a natural deodorant. However, you should not use lemon before stepping out in sun as they will then give you dark underarms. You may apply it at bedtime. Cut a lemon into two halves. Take one half and rub it under your arms squeezing its juice with gentle hands. You may go to sleep with it still on your skin or wash it off after 15-20 minutes. You may also use lemon juice with baking soda as described below:

Get this:

Lemon juice- 1 tsp
Baking soda- 1 tsp
Cotton pad

Do this:

Mix equal parts of lemon juice and baking soda.
Mix well to get a smooth paste.
With the help of cotton pad, apply this mixture under your arms to get rid of sweaty armpits.
Wash off after about 20 minutes.

Homeopathic Medications for Excessive Sweating

Apart from home treatments, homeopathic remedies are equally beneficial in getting rid of excessive sweating.

Silicea: Silicea is generally used for clammy and sweaty feet.
Acidum hydrofluoricum : This homeopathic remedy is used for curing excessive sweating in the palms and is meant for those, who have a sour odour sweat.
Calcarea : Calcarea treats those patients, who suffer from excessive sweating due to obesity.
Botulinum : This homeopathic remedy cures excessive underarm sweating.

Wear undershirts
 High quality undershirts made of cotton or just a T-shirt help absorb body sweat and make it evaporate fast.

Starch your shirts 
Starching prevents the shirts from sticking to your body, which in turn keeps the body cool because the space inside allows for circulation of air.

Keep your head cool
 when exposed to the sun for long periods of time, a hat and shades will come in handy. Sunglasses help protect your eyes from extreme bright conditions and harmful ultraviolet rays. Opt for sunglasses with polarized lenses and reflective coating. A hat protects the head from heating and sunstroke.

Wear socks 
socks help keep the feet cooler, by absorbing feet perspiration and faster evaporation.

Lose some weight 
It’s a fact that 90% of people facing problems arising from excess sweating are overweight. Cutting down on that extra weight drastically increases your chances of dealing with excess body sweat.

Use the bathroom 
The bathroom is a good place to make some last minute preparations. You can change clothes, apply deodorant or simply clean up excess sweat using cold water.

Avoid sugary, spicy and chemically-processed foods 
You are what you eat. Spicy foods may be delightful, tasty and healthy, but they make your body sweat more frequently in short time periods. Large intake of chemical toxins will aggravate sweating. The same goes for high fructose syrup used by some manufactures to sweeten food. It gets even worse especially for overweight people. Any of those instant, pre-made, packaged, frozen, greasy, ready-to-eat and fast foods are an absolute no no.

Eat the “right” foods 
Fewer complex B vitamins in your body means it cannot allow for an efficient absorption of nutrients and proper break down of toxins and body waste. So this means a strained body which leads to more sweat. So what foods should you take?

a. Whole grains –great sources of B Vitamins and fiber.
b. Fresh Fruits – whatever your preference, they should form a crucial component in your daily regimen. Any will do from cherries, peaches, watermelons, apples, oranges, plums. The list is endless. You could try taking a fruit salad for breakfast or in between meals.
c. Vegetables 
If you don’t have a liking for salads, veggies are excellent too as they are rich in B Vitamins.
d. Proteins – I’m talking Fish, eggs and moderate amounts of red meat. As for vegetarians, beans will do. If you can, avoid deep-fried foods like the plague.
Some cold water for the road 
there’s no better cold drink than water especially on a hot day. Cold water is essential to reduce stress, regulate body temperature and keep those sweat glands under control.

Avoid Hot drinks
 when it comes to excessive sweating, these are your worst enemies, and that includes hot coffee too. Imagine the effect they give if you are just about to go for an important meeting or make a presentation. So why not try going for juice, lemonade or iced-beverages to regulate your temperature.

Wheatgrass Juice for Sweating
The very healthy wheatgrass juice is also good to control sweating. It is a very rich source of such nutrients as vitamin A, C, B-12, B-6 and folic acid. It prevents sweating by controlling the activity of acids and toxins in your blood. Actually it helps neutralize and dilute toxins in the blood so that they need not be flushed out through sweating. You just need to have one glass of wheatgrass juice daily to reduce your sweating considerably.
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