Every girl wants pink and shiny lips without the advantage of lip glosses or lipstick. They want naturally pink lips. Since it summer time the chances of your lips getting dark magnifies. Though heat is not the only reason for having dark lips there are many other reasons as well such as inappropriate beauty products like lipstick, lip liner or lip gloss.Excess usage or bad company’s product can also result in dark lips. An easy way to get back the freshness and pinkness of your lips is using homemade remedies. In today’s beauty article we will tell you about 5 homemade tips for pink lips.e to add a healthy tinge of pinkish shade to your lips naturally. Mentioned below are the best tips for lightening.
Pink lips add a healthy dose of glamour and charm to your personality.  Rosy lips can brighten anyone's appearance and can give a friendly touch to your smile. There is no need to slick on loads of lipstick every time, instead you can bring  reddish tinge on lips using natural ingredients at home. Lip has no oil glands, which make them more prone to dehydration so it is mandatory to take proper care of your lips  to make them look soft and pink. Worry not ! You can try some amazing  home remedies at hom.
Home remedies for making your  lips rosy 
It is a must to keep your lips moisturized  at all times  to keep them soft and pink.  Slather a good quality lip balm or petroleum jelly on your lips to keep them hydrated and prevent cracking of lips.  You can apply cocoa butter on your lips to keep them soft and pink.
  • Apply beetroot juice on your lips to redden them naturally. Beets have natural red stains which can redden your lips instantly. If you use this home remedy regularly, beetroot juice can lighten your black lips significantly.
  • Prepare a lip pack at home mixing fuller's earth and honey and keep on your pouts for 15 minutes.This natural  remedy helps lighten your dark lips as well as making  them soft smooth.
  • Scrub red grape juice on your lips to redden them. Try this easy to follow recipe to make your lips rosy.
  • Treat your lips to skin-nourishing olive oil at night to keep them soft and rosy. Olive oil helps a great deal in lightening dark lips to make them rosy and smooth.
Gently scrub lemon juice over your lips and let it remain on the lips for 30 minutes. Lemon helps to exfoliate dead skin cell from the lips as well as lightening your lips.  Regular application of lemon juice can make your lips rosy and pink. Follow this beauty tip continuously for 15 days to see visible results.
Easy Ways To Obtain Pink Lips
Majority of people don't have pink lips. They have dark and pale lips which are not attractive.
Dull and black lips can form a black spot in your beauty.
To get pink lips, scrub your lips with toothbrush every night after brushing your teeth.
Helps in removing dry skin around your lips.
  • Massage your lips by lemon juice with almond oil every night before going to bed. This helps in nourishment and keeps your lips moisturized. It will reduce dark color of your lips.
  • Remove makeup from your lips before going to bed. For removing the make up use some almond oil or olive oil on cotton ball and rub the lips with it. Using lipstick and lip gloss while sleeping may be the reason behind your dark lips.
  • Scrub your lips with sugar mixed with cold cream the black color lips will fade.
  • You can use olive oil instead of cold cream. By this way you can give natural color and shine to your lips.
  • There is a oil called sebum, produce by the skin on the lips. The lips should be always moisturized to get soft and pink lips.
  • Use lip balm or petroleum jelly on your lips, when you are outside and coco butter when you are in the house.
  • Pomegranate seeds can be used to reduce the black color of your lips and give pink color.
  • Use pomegranate seeds in squash form stir it with milk cream and apply on your lips. Your lips will turn to redder and you can use this mixture without any side effects.
  • Apply cucumber juice on your lips, helps in decreasing the dark color of the lips. When you have time rub your lips with a slice of cucumber. Daily 5 minutes scrubbing with cucumber juice will reduce the color of lips making it pink.
Rose petals are also used to get pink color of your lips. Take some rose petals and soak it in milk for sometime and blend the petals and add few drops of honey and glycerin to the mixture.
Now take this mixture and pat on your lips for 15 minutes. And then rub off your lips with milk.
Follow this treatment daily for amazing results.
For few minutes, rub the lips with cotton soaked in carrot juice or beetroot juice. In this way you can easily nourish the lips. For good result, add a pinch of saffron with the juice.
Saffron helps in keeping dry lips moisturized.
While eating an orange keep the orange peel, helps a lot to cure black and dull lips.
To purify the skin of your lips use orange peel and to reduce the dark skin tone of your lips.
If you just want to get natural light pink lips, baby pink, hot pink lips that are sexy, full and kissable? Below are the different pink lip types and how to have them.
Try frosted pink lipstick too. Best pick is Mac Cosmetics Sheen Supreme Lipglass in Almond Blossom.
Light Pink Lips – How to Get Pale Pink Lips
Light pink lips, or pale link lips are more suitable for girls with a light skin tone. If your lips are darker than your skin, you can lighten them by using pink lipsticks and other makeups. A good choice of a nude pink lipstick will give you light pink soft lips suitable for a pale skin.
Homemade Tips For Pink Lips
Rose Petals With Milk
Bowl of milk with rose petals
The first tips among our 5 homemade tips for pink lips is rose petals with milk. This is one of the most effective tip. All you need is rose petals and milk. How to make it ? Soak the rose petals into a bowl of milk for 30 minutes. Then grind the soaked petals properly. Now apply the paste on your lips and leave it on for 30 minutes. You can also refrigerate the remaining petals paste and use it daily. You will be able to see the difference with in a weeks time.
  • Add butter to sugar powder and use this mix to exfoliate your lips. Exfoliating your lips with sugar-butter can get you rid of  dark lips and makes them rosy and pink.
  • Coconut water, cucumber juice and lemon juice mix is an excellent home remedy to lighten dark lips naturally.
  • Grind almonds and milk cream together and apply on your lips to make them rosy and pink naturally.
  • The wonderful blend of coconut oil with lemon juice is a great home remedy to get rosy lips naturally.
  • Ginger juice and egg white mix is a great cure for pale lips. This home remedy helps you get rid of  dark/black lips at home the natural way.
  • Combine together 4 spoons of olive oil with 1/2 spoon of  lemon essential oil and apply thick layer of this preparation on your  lips for 20 minutes. Very helpful beauty tip for lighting dark lips and making them rosy and pink.
  • Ghee/ butter with saffron makes a wonderful natural remedy for reddening your lips..
  • Blend rose petals with butter and apply this mix on your lips. This recipe can give your lips natural pink shade .
  • Sugar, honey and almond oil mix  can be used to exfoliate your lips. Exfoliation eliminates dead skin layers,  thus, giving a natural flush to your lips. Try this recipe to get red and beautiful lips.
  • Do not lick or bite your lips as saliva makes your lips dehydrated and more susceptible to cracking.
  • Cut down on tea and coffee which aids in  making your lip dark. Caffeine is an important factor in making the lips dark. So from now on, to achieve pink lips, go easy on tea, coffee.
  • Olive oil mixed with lemon juice, honey makes for a good homemade lip balm you can prepare at home.
  • Scrub an orange on your lips to make them pink. Either you can dab orange juice on your lips to make them rosy and attractive the natural way.
  • Melt ghee(clarified butter) and apply on your cracked lips to heal them quickly. Application of ghee on the lips  quenches the lips' thirst of moisture as well as making them rosy and supple soft.
  • Drinking a a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated and prevent your lips from getting chapped and dry.
  • Give up smoking right away as smoking plays a big role in  making your lips dark besides eroding your health.
  • Scrub your lips with tooth brush to remove  the dead skin cells from the outer surface of lips which make them look dry and cracked.  Keep in mind that brush should be soft bristled.
  • Apply almond oil on your lips at night to keep them well-moisturized and rosy in color. Men those with dark lips can try this home remedy for quick results.
  • Use turmeric powder and milk cream mask on your lips to lighten their color.
  • Gram flower and and turmeric mix is also good lip-pack for lightening their color. But do not not forget to follow with a moisturizing  lip balm as this home remedy can dry your lips to some extent.
  • Soak up rose petals in milk for some time and grind them well to make a fine paste well and add few drops of honey and glycerin to this mix. Let the mask stay on the lips for 15 minutes, then rub it off with raw milk to remove the mask.  This home remedy helps lighten dark  lips and make them rosy pink.
  • Scrub a slice of cucumber on your lips to give them pink color.
  • Up  your  intake of  of green vegetables, milk, papaya which gives vitamin A and vitamin B supply to your body, ensuring good health of lips.
  • Crush pomegranate seeds and mix them with  milk cream and apply on your lips to redden them naturally. After few applications, you will notice your lips are getting redder and fuller.
Homemade Tips For Pink Lips  

The second on our list of best 5 homemade tips for pink lips is coriander and mint leaves. Both of these leaves have the ability to change your blackened lips into pretty pink lips in no time. How you make it ? You have to soak the coriander leaves in water and wait till it gets immersed. We would suggest that you leave the leaves in water for about 30 minutes. Now take these leaves and grind them properly. The paste is ready and you can apply it. For better results leave it on for 30 minutes. You can keep the extra made paste in fridge for latter use. And i am sure you will be able to see the difference in matter of days.
pink.Similarly mint leaves can also be used in the same way.Both has good results.
Lime And Honey
Homemade Tips For Pink Lips 
The third homemade tip among our 5 homemade tips for pink lips is Lime And Honey. Combination of both of these are best for your lips. Lime and honey is a very commonly used for rose lips. What you have to do is; take 1 spoon of honey and add 3 drops of lime juice. Mix both of them properly. Now apply this regularly before going to bed. These method will turn your lips into pink rosy lips regardless how dark black these lips are.
Carrot and Beetroot Juice
Homemade Tips For Pink Lips 
The fourth tip among are 5 homemade tips for pink lips is carrot and beetroot juice.Carrot contains antioxidant which helps in lightening the skin.Peel the carrot skin and crush the carrot in the mixer grinder and take the carrot juice.Now apply the carrot juice in the lips whenever you have time.Use this regularly for better results.Beetroot also contains antioxidant so it also helps to turn black lips to rosy shiny lips.Peel the beetroot skin and crush the beetroot in the mixer grinder and your beetroot juice will be ready.Now apply the beetroot juice in the lips .Use this regularly for better results.
Aloe Vera Gel
Homemade Tips For Pink Lips 
Aloe Vera gel which is used for hair and skin is also used for lips.Take the gel from aloe vera plant and apply it on the lips before going to bed. In a week you will get to see a good results.
Beauty Benefits of Pomegranates
Scrubbing your lips is one of the best natural remedies for getting pink lips without spending on expensive cosmetics. At night, before you hit the bed, use a soft toothbrush to scrub your lips. This will not only help to remove the dry chapped skin from the lips but will also keep your lips soft.
Massage the lips
Massaging your lips every day is a very good habit that helps in lighten dark lips, in a short span of time. Make a lip balm out of almond oil and lemon juice, and massage your lips with that every night for a few minutes before going to bed.
Oiling the belly button
Here is an age-old home remedy of keeping your lips naturally pink and healthy. Apply a few drops of desi ghee or mustard oil in your belly button (navel), before going to sleep. Those who have dry, chapped, or dark lips will see visibly effective results if they follow this natural tip, regularly.
Moisturise your lips 
It is very important to keep your lips hydrated and moisturised at all times. Dry and chapped lips look shabby and unkempt. When you are going out during the day, it is essential to apply some sun protection or petroleum jelly on your lips. If you are indoors then use some cocoa butter, which is an effective natural remedy for getting pink lips.
Magic of pomegranate seeds
Crush the seeds of pomegranates and blend it well with milk cream. Now, apply it on your lips. This is one of the best homemade remedies for lightening dark lips. However, since it is a natural remedy, the change in the colour of your lips will not be overnight but gradual. So, be patient.
Stay hydrated
For beautiful and naturally pink lips, it is very important that you always keep your body hydrated. It is best to increase your water intake and include a lot of fresh fruit juices in your diet as it would keep your lips healthy and soft.
Never lick your lips
One thing that most people tend to do when they feel their lips are getting dry and chapped is to lick them. Before you plan to do the same, it is best to hold that tongue back in your mouth because you are just going to make it worse for your lips. Avoid the temptation of licking your lips as it would just leave your lips more dry and dull.
Quit smoking
Smoking is one of the major reasons why your lips become dark and dull. Naturally, one of the homemade remedies for lightening dark lips also includes finding a motivation for quitting smoking. Besides, if you quit smoking, you will also be enjoying in terms of other health benefits as well, such as a longer life and healthy lungs. So, where is the harm, we say?
Bright Pink Lips – How to Have Hot Pink Lips
Bright pink is flattering. It is almost impossible to have bright pink lips using home remedies. Most celebrities opt to use pink lip makeups to achieve hot pink lips. Your choice of lipstick should be very precise when you want to get bright pink lip color. However, consistent use of natural methods can also help achieve the hot pink lip you want with time.
Soft Pink Lips and Baby Pink Lips
  • Softening lips is very important if you want to have hot lips. Moisturize your lips everyday, massage them and apply a good lip balm. You can get soft pink lips that way, but when you want to make them bright and hot, you can use a shiny lip gloss. Baby pink lips are quite pale and can be done using makeup tips. You have seen celebrities such as Kesha (Ke$ha) rock baby pink cheeks and lips. You too can make your lips soft pink. Below are general guidelines to make your lips pink and soft.
  • Home Remedies for Pink Lips – How to Get Pink Lips Naturally
  • You can get natural pink lips by using simple home remedies. Whether you want to plump your lips and make them pink, or just to change them to be hot pink, follow the following natural pink lips care tips.
  • Always apply honey on your lips before going to bed. In the morning, use a soft brush to massage them to and clear the scaly layer resulting from dryness.
  • To get pink lips, make a paste of cream and rose petals and apply on your lips everyday to make them soft and pink.
  • Mix honey, sugar and olive oil and apply to soften and make your lips pink naturally.
  • To fade dark lips, mix cold cream with sugar and scrub your lips with it. This is one of the best ways to exfoliate lips and give them a natural pink color and shine.
  • Learn how to get rid of lip wrinkles and lip lines by nourishing them with almond oil and lemon juice everyday. Do this consistently and you will notice your dark lips fading too.
  • Use the best lip balm, either homemade lip balm or even petroleum jelly to keep your lips moisturized. If you can apply lip makeup that has SPF, it will go a long way to help get pink lips naturally.
  • Other home remedies for pink lips include massaging lips with cucumber juice daily, raspberries and aloe vera, and beet root juice. Coriander juice, mint juice and carrot juice are all some of the best ways for getting lips soft pink naturally.
  • That’s it ladies on how to get soft natural lips. Use any of the tips on how to get pink soft lips naturally above and stick to it everyday. Before you know it, your dark lips will be gone.
  • Tips for Pink Lips
  • Follow these tips for pink cheeks and lips in order to remove lip wrinkles and speed up the process of having pink lips. People who have lips soft and pinkish have some habits, or avoid some things in order to protect their lips. Your lips need to be healthy in order to become pink. Here are great tips for pink cheeks and lips.
  • Check your diet in order to get baby pink lips. Avoid caffeinated drinks, and generally coffee and tea because they dehydrate your lips, making them dry, chapped and creased.
  • Exfoliate your lips regularly if you want to get soft pink lips. See some of the home remedies for pink lips above for lip exfoliation suggestions.
  • An important tip for soft pink is to stop smoking. Smoking has been identified as a cause of wrinkles and may not cause lip lines but also eye wrinkles, dark eye circles and forehead wrinkles.
  • Always protect your lips with SPF. This is to prevent dark lips caused by UV sun rays. Apply a good sunscreen lip lotion on your lips to help make them hot pink. Check out some of the top rated lip sunscreens here.
  • Hydrate your lips always by applying lip moisturizers and also drinking a lot of water. This will help your efforts to make your lips soft and pink.
  • Avoid sleeping with lip makeup on, especially heavy lipsticks such as gold lipstick, dark blue lipsticks, coral and purple lipsticks. Some of the lipsticks contain lead and may not be healthy for your lips.
  • Whether you want to use home remedies or makeup to get pink lips, it is important to be careful with your choice of lipsticks and remedies. Consistency will also be important in helping you get what you want here. Be consistent with your lip primers and glosses as well.
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