To get healthy and white skin, you should get rid of over oily and processed foods. Normally, oily foods will help you maintain healthy skin, but greasy or over-oily foods can lead your skin to getting acne, redness, and blemishes. After that, they will cause pigmentation increase on your skin. So to have brighter and healthier skin, you should avoid junk food and even alcohol.Moreover, the Skintervention Guide is an  I have read since I was , and now, I recommend you to read it to learn how to look beautiful. This also covers tips for whitening skin, so if you have time and really want to get beautiful look, you should try this once!Monthly or twice in a month we all spare money on face whitening facials. Sometimes we get results so often and immediately and sometimes we have to wait for getting our skin white. However in both the cases if we think on deeply about those facial creams which are being used during the facial. These all creams are chemical made and very harmful for our skin in coming future, may be not right now, but obviously In some point of time we will see its harm effects on our skin. In many different ways it gives nothing but harm.For all those women who thinks just like me this article is perfect, as in this article we are trying to explain about foods and home remedies for get skin white. It is not only good for your skin but for your health also.                         Skin Whitening - Natural And Easy To Do!Natural enzymes hidden in some foods works great to make the skin whiter. Which ones do I mean? Lemon and parsley!Both lemon and parsley have natural whitening properties, helping to improve and purify your complexion, to get rid of dark skin spots or to fade after-acne marks. Combined with sour cream or yoghurt become a natural, full of vitamins and nourishing cosmetic for your skin.Below you will find two easy and inexpensive solutions for fair and healthy complexion:Lemon, yogurt and honey whitening maskConsider whitening your skin the natural way by trying this homemade recipe using milk and lemon. It’s really easy and pretty effective if you use it often enough, but note that lemon can make your skin sensitive so you’ll need to be careful. The recipe is suitable for your face and body but do make sure you put on your sunscreen if you try this.Ingredients and recipeDepending on where you want to apply this, you can use half or one whole lemon mixed with equal parts of milk. I used Meji milk for this purpose. Once the milk and the lemon is mixed together, the milk will curdle because of the acidity of the lemon juice. If you do not like too much acidity, then lessen the amount of lemon juice.

Ingredients:* 1 teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice* 1 teaspoon of honey - more about honey nourishing properties* 2 teaspoons of plain yogurtHow to prepare it:

Combine all the ingredients in a cup and mix until smooth. Apply to clean, dry face and leave on for about 10 minutes. Do not apply around your eyes! Then, gently wash off with tepid water.Fresh Parsley and Sour Cream MaskIngredients:

* 1 tablespoon of sour cream* 1/2 teaspoon of finely chopped fresh parsleyHow to prepare it:Blend ingredients together in a cup. Apply to clean face (do not apply around your eyes and lips) and let set for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water and pat your face dry.

DIY Beauty: easy homemade recipe for skin whitening
  • No need to rinse off after polishing
  • After you have mixed the two ingredients in a container, soak a flat complexion sponge in the mixture until moist and massage the moist sponge into clean skin in gentle, circular motions for about for two minutes. No need to rinse off. I do this in the night before bedtime on my hands and tissue off the excess. I have also tried it on my feet because I have some small pigmentation marks there. My skin feels nice and smooth, but the smell of the milk can be overbearing. If you use this on your face, I suggest you leave the mixture on for about 10 minutes and rinse off before toweling dry and carrying on with your usual skin care routine.
  •  DIY Beauty: easy homemade recipe for skin whitening
  • Benefits of using milk and lemon
  • Milk contains lactic acid that will exfoliate and remove dead skin cells and the protein and enzymes in milk will help to moisturize our skin. In addition, it will help to soften the skin to allow the lemon juice to better penetrate. Lemon juice is acidic and on top of also exfoliating the skin, it works as a bleaching agent to help fade uneven pigmentation.
  • Words of caution
  • I noticed that with continual usage at one stage (three to four times a week), my hands were a shade fairer and some of the smaller pigmentation spots were fading. I hesitated to use this recipe on my face as lemon is a photosensitive ingredient. So if you really want to try this on your face, I suggest doing this once or twice a week at most in the evenings and please use sunscreen during the day. If you have acne-proned skin, I would advice you against using this because milk may trigger breakouts for some people. Additionally, some people may not like this recipe as lemon can sting the skin a little. So my advice is not to try this DIY recipe if you have sensitive skin. But otherwise, this is an easy recipe for skin whitening.
  • The Best Skin Whitening Cream Products
  • Advantages of Homemade Skin Whitening Products
  •  skin whitening productsSkin whitening Products - Each and every person wants a clean and radiant skin. Some spend fortunes on cosmetic products that will lighten the skin and remove all the imperfections, others spend their money on esthetic operations in the hope that their skin will look perfect. Lastly, there are people trying to fake a healthy skin by using all kinds of makeup that will cover the imperfections and leave the impression that the skin is healthy and has no scars, wrinkles or spots.
  • All these people are looking for a way through which they can make their skin look good. Yet, what they have not taken into consideration is the power of natural ingredients. Fruits, vegetables and products coming from animals are great sources of antioxidants and are rich in substances which can whiten the skin, moisturize it, attenuate the fine lines and wrinkles and give it elasticity. There are many natural ingredients which can be used in order to remove the dark spots and whiten the skin and as many reasons to start trying them.
  • The first reason for which you should try the natural skin whitening ingredients is the fact that they have no side effects. Because most of the ingredients with which the homemade skin whitening recipes are made are natural, and are used in our everyday diet, the human body tolerates them very well and responds positively to the ingredients they contain.
  • skin whitening productsIn addition to that, because you know what you put in that homemade recipe, you know if your skin will going to react negatively to it. There are certain products (fruits, vegetables, animal products) to which certain people are allergic. Exclude those ingredients from your recipes and you know you will obtain a 100% safe homemade product.
  • Many cosmetic creams and ointments stay long enough on the shelves for the curative properties to diminish. Because you know when exactly you have made product (most of them must be done on the spot and used right away) you have the certainty that the product is fresh and all the active substances will be activated on your skin.
  • Get the best skin whitening products
  • Unlike other products you can find in the stores, the homemade skin whitening products are quite cheap. They are made with products found in any kitchen so that the investment in raw material will not be too high. Any person is able to afford this type of treatment, thus even if you do not have lots on money to spend on this treatment you will still be able to carry on with it and have a white skin in only a few weeks.
  • Homemade skin whitening products are by far the cheapest and safest solution to the brown spots which trouble you so much. They are very effective and at the same nurture the skin, so that you will not only have a whiter skin, but a healthier one too.
  • skin whitening productsThis book has gathered some of the most effective skin whitening recipes. Try them out and you will see the effects in a matter of weeks, without side effects. Having a healthy and glowing skin is easy, cheap and simple now!
  • Top Skin Whitening Home Remedies 
  • Home remedy of Cucumber juice mixed with honey is veryuseful for making dry skin fairer.
  • Apply egg white on face twice a week to get fairer skin. Use this home remedy if you have to make your oily skin fair at home.
  • Mix oatmeal, curd with tomato to make a face pack for getting fair skin at home.
  • Mash a tomato and pour 4-5 drops of lemon juice, and apply this home remedy on your skin to get fair skin.
  • Mix papaya, honey, milk and milk powder, and apply this home remedy on your skin to get fairer face instantly. This remedy is good for oily skin.
  • Apply sandalwood paste mixed with almond oil to get fair skin. This home remedy is a good home facial for getting fair skin at home.
  • Soak up almonds in the raw milk overnight, and grind it to apply on your skin. It is an excellent home remedy in giving you fairer skin tone.
  • Using raw milk on your skin lightens your skin tone. You can use this remedy on your babies also to get fair skin.
  • Clean your face with raw milk in which a pinch of saffron is added. Use this home remedy with cotton pads daily to get fairer and clearer skin at home daily.
  • Use home remedy of fullers earth (multani mitti) with sandal wood paste to get fair and glowing skin at home.
Tips for whitening skin for kids
  • Potato Paste
  • The natural bleaching property contained in potatoes makes them a popular dome bleaching remedy. Moreover, the juice you can take from potato can be applied to your skin to reduce the blemishes and thus, brighten your skin’s pigmentation.
  • Orange Peel Method:
  • Orange peel method is a gathering of natural elements that works as natural skin bleach. To apply this method, you need to peel a lot of orange slices and put them in the sun until you see that they are totally dried. Then, you need to grind them into a powdery substance and use it with milk to make a special mixture. You should apply the paste at once per day to the skin area where you want to brighten and let the paste dry naturally. After 13-20 minutes, you should wash off your skin with warm water and achieve the soft and lighter skin of your own.
  • Almond Paste
  • If you still want more tips for whitening skin, I recommend you to learn this technique. If you desire to get your skin glow and whiter, you should use a special paste made of honey, almonds, and milk. To have the perfect paste, you need to soak the almonds overnight in a bowl full of water. After that, you need to peel the almonds and mash them into a consistency. Finally, you just have to add a small amount of honey to make the paste smooth and easy for you to apply on your skin. Let it dry naturally and wash it off with warm water.
  • Lemon Juice:
  • Lemon juice includes a high amount of citric acid, which is astringent and will bleach your skin gently. It will help lighten the dark freckles, patches, and age spots. Lemon juices has s lot of vitamin C that will also help you make a kind of skin lightening mask. After using this natural ingredient, your skin will be glow, and you will be able to reduce the appearance of wrinkles for good.
  • If you are among people who desire to get more tips for whitening skin without using medication, you can check out Skin Whitening Forever.
  • tips for whitening skin naturally at home
  • Cucumber:
  • You can prepare a unique skin lightening mask recipe with a big and very ripe cucumber. First, you will need to peel it. After peeling the cucumber, you should chop it into small pieces and pure them in a blender until the mixture is homogenous. If you do not have a blender, you can use a potato masher to mash the cucumber, it is totally ok and will not change the result you desire.
  • For more than this kind of mask, if you want to get a real natural bible for skin whitening, you can also check out Skin Whitening X Factor.
  • Tips For Whitening Skin For Girls
  • All of the above tips for whitening skin naturally are what I have used to brighten my own skin, and now, I am glad to share my very own experiences with anyone who is suffering from this terrible and ugly skin issue. 
  • If you feel the tips for whitening skin naturally I offered in this article are interesting and useful, just feel free to leave all your comments / feedbacks at the end of this post. We appreciate your contribution and will respond all as soon as possible.
  • Tomatoes For Get Out Of Tanning:
  • If you are having tanning then before doing anything for getting white skin it is better to use something. And for that tomatoes are the best. Just rub your skin with the tomato pulp and all your tanning will remove straight away.
  • Make Home Made Skin Masks:
  • For making home made mask you need to get some almonds and soak them for whole night in water. Now blend them with milk in the blender, when it changes in to paste apply it on your face and leave it to dry. It will dry out in 20 to 30 minutes then you can just wash with chilled water.
  • Also you can apply another mask at home by mixing powdered milk, lime juice, honey in equal proportion and 2 or 3 drops of almond oil mix all these four ingredients and then apply on face or any body part. You will see remarkable change in your skin.
  • Good Diet:
  • Having good food and natural food is also important for your skin. So try to add up good food items such as fruits, vegetables, dairy items, meat and etc… Cleanliness is also very important in order to have good skin and whitening skin. So try to take bathe on regular basis and avoid sweating.

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